Faucet repair or replacement for your Lehigh Valley home or business

bathroom faucet​The faucets in your home or business get used all the time. Think about all of instances that you and your family use the kitchen sink faucet, bathroom faucets and even the sink in the laundry room. Having a good quality faucet with the styling that you love makes a huge difference in your home and gives you the opportunity to showcase your style and personality. Also, quality faucets perform better by eliminating drips and slow running water. We specialize in faucet repair and installation in the Lehigh Valley.

Faucet installation

The variety of faucets available in the marketplace is tremendous and can be overwhelming. They come in different styles, materials and colors to help you select the absolute best faucet to match the decor of your room and home. In addition to style, today’s faucets also have different features making them more functional than the faucets of prior decades. We can assist you in choosing the best faucet for your needs.

We install faucets for your:

​Faucet repair

Due to the high frequency of use, your home’s faucets may incur some problems that need attention. Faucets can spring leaks, develop slow drips or the water pressure may weaken over time resulting in low water flow. At Robinson Plumbing, we are expert plumbers that offer a variety of different faucet repair services. Call us anytime to discuss your repairing or upgrading the faucets in your business or home.

Water saving faucets

Modern day faucets help to conserve water, saving you money. We can help you decide on the best faucets that look great in your home while conserving water at the same time.

I was apprehensive, never having used a plumber before, and fearing it would cost an arm and a leg. I needed the faucets in the shower repaired. Matt was polite. He was on time. He got down to business and completed the repair, charging me $265, which included new parts. I have no criticisms to offer at all. I would definitely use him again.

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