When Do You Need Professional Help With Your Drains?

clogged kitchen sinkFrom time to time, many homeowners face drain problems; some are small, and others are a lot larger.

Getting your drain cleaned on a fairly regular basis could assist you in avoiding some drain-related problems. However, many homeowners aren’t sure when they should call in a professional for their drain-related issues.

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When Do You Need Professional Help With Your Recurring Clogged Drain Issues?

Below, we will look at a few warnings signs that could be indications that your sewer drain is due to be cleaned. The following are signs to look out for:

Dealing With Multiple Plumbing Clogs?

If you notice that you have a clog, especially if more than one of the plumbing fixtures develops clogs at the same time, you should not hesitate to call a professional plumber. Typically, simultaneous clogs are an indication that a blockage is present in your main drainage system. Also, this could be indicative of a sewer backup, which could result in a major catastrophe in your home. As such, if the sinks are draining slower than usual, this is usually a sign of problems somewhere down the line. You could even have a hidden root issue that would need to be addressed by a professional as soon as possible.

Sewage Backup: Causes & Solutions

plumbing systemA sewer backup can be the worst nightmare for a homeowner. When a sewer line becomes clogged, filthy water could make its way back through the pipes. This sewage could seep through all the drains in your home, even your kitchen sink and shower. Getting your drain professionally cleaned will get rid of the clog and keep the contaminated water from causing household members to be sick or damaging your home.

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Your Drains & Lingering Odors

If there is a persistent and awful odor in your home and you cannot seem to locate the source of it, this could be coming from your drain. The organic matter that is consistently forced through the pipes helps bacteria to thrive. This matter could result in a foul odor coming from the deep recesses of your pipes. An expert will be capable of safely removing this buildup from your pipes. They can have your home smelling fresh again.

What To Do When The Plunger Is Ineffective

plungerIf you have chosen to use the plunger as your first line of defense but you are not getting the desired result, this is showing that the plunger is not capable of removing the clog. This is a sign that the suction produced by the plunger is not sufficient to get the clog out and enable it to move freely through the system. The ineffectiveness of the plunger shows that the drain cleaning products might not resolve the issue either. Not only that but drain cleaners tend to be caustic and can damage your pipes. As such, your best option is to call an experienced plumber and allow him to use his expertise to get the job done.

Are You Using Excessive Liquid Drain Cleaner?

A number of homeowners who have drain problems will attempt to use liquid drain cleaner to fix the issue. This will not get to the root of the issue. This could be very dangerous and lead to more severe issues. Individuals with small children and pets should not use drain cleaner and instead call an expert. If you are using drain cleaner on a regular basis, stop now and seek professional help.

Overflowing Toilet: What You Need To Know

If your toilet overflows often, you should get in touch with a drain-cleaning specialist and have them come to your home and take care of your sewer problems. A toilet will overflow from time to time; however, if this has happened repeatedly, it is a sign that a sewer drain issue is responsible. Therefore, get professional advice if your toilet will not flush properly.

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Dealing with a clogged drain can be stressful, especially when it reoccurs. If you have tried your best with the plunger without getting any positive results, call your plumber. They will understand the best solutions to fix the issue.

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