When To Upgrade Kitchen Or Bathroom Appliances

bathroom plumbing ideasIf an appliance completely fails or becomes damaged beyond repair, you can easily decide to replace it. However, bathroom and kitchen equipment often remain at least partially functional for many years as its appearance and performance slowly deteriorate.

In this article, we will discuss some of the top indicators that will let you know when it is time to replace one of your kitchen or bathroom plumbing fixtures. This way, you can avoid the issues that are associated with using a plumbing appliance that is well beyond its service life.

Plumbing Services Parkland PA: When To Upgrade Kitchen Or Bathroom Appliances

Look for these signs when you decide if it is time to upgrade an appliance or fixture:

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Numerous & Frequent Repairs On Your Plumbing System

It often makes sense to replace a gasket, hose, or another small part rather than the entire piece of equipment. However, repairs are no longer cost-effective when the same plumbing appliance repeatedly needs service. The expense of parts and labor can quickly add up. Plumbing repairs may also become inconvenient because you need to set aside time for service calls and, in the meantime, avoid using the equipment.

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Plumbing Problems With Water Fixtures

water leaks and the need for a plumbing repairIf water fixtures no longer work well, you will probably find that this is a difficult problem to fix. Sediment, rust, and corrosion can seriously harm faucets and hose connections. Consequently, the fixture might leak and cause damage or waste considerable amounts of water. Strongly consider upgrading any plumbing equipment that exhibits these problems.

Inefficient Plumbing Appliances In Your Parkland PA Home

High water, sewer, gas, or electricity bills may signal a need to replace inefficient plumbing appliances. Think about buying replacements for particularly old equipment and units without Energy Star certifications. Inefficient washing machines, faucets, toilets, and dishwashers can waste numerous gallons of water. Likewise, an aging water heater or refrigerator could significantly increase your energy bills. More efficient models reduce pollution and conserve vital resources.

Damaged Parts On Your Plumbing Equipment

Take a good look at your plumbing equipment and notice any damage or signs of decay. If you see a lot of chipped enamel, cracked plastic, and rusted or dented metal, think about a plumbing fixture upgrade. Although you might correct some minor defects with a little paint, there usually comes a time when you can no longer preserve the appearance of an old kitchen or bathroom appliance.

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Dangerous Aspects Of Using Old Plumbing Equipment

safe plumbing servicesA machine may still work but lack adequate safety features. Beware of old equipment that has undergone numerous amateur repairs or uses non-polarized plugs with two prongs. A dangerous appliance could cause serious health problems by leaking carbon monoxide or refrigerant. Some units also have the potential to flood your kitchen, spark a fire or deliver electric shocks. Be sure to call a reputable plumber in your area for plumbing upgrades.

You Have Unattractive Plumbing Fixtures

You might simply dislike how a plumbing fixture looks. For example, you may have bought a house with a single bowl sink, although you strongly prefer a double bowl sink. This could be a valid reason to replace it when you have the cash to spare. A more stylish model might raise the value of your home or make it easier to attract a renter.

Your Plumbing No Longer Meets The Requirements Of Family Members With Special Needs

When a family member ages or becomes disabled, you could improve the safety and convenience by replacing specific equipment. Comfort-height toilets and walk-in showers or tubs often prove beneficial. Tall people also appreciate relatively high toilets, but they are not the best choice if you have any young children. Consider installing new plumbing appliances on the home’s first floor if possible.

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Wrong Capacity For Your House Size

If you have a rather small washing machine, refrigerator or dishwasher, and a growing family, you would probably benefit from upgrading to a larger unit. The optimal size usually delivers better efficiency than two separate machines. On the other hand, perhaps the kids recently moved out; you could save space and energy with a compact model.



To sum it up, you should consider upgrading kitchen and bathroom appliances if they are damaged, unreliable, dangerous, unsightly or unsuitable for your family. The same goes for any particularly inefficient equipment you own. A knowledgeable plumber can help you choose and install a suitable replacement. Please contact Robinson Plumbing today if you need assistance.

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