Current Trends In Bathroom Remodeling

bathroom plumbing ideasWe often think of the bathroom as a practical room.
Almost a necessary evil. We shower and make ourselves presentable here. However, it’s not a room that is likely to get much love and care when it comes to the décor.

But if you are taking this view of your bathroom, then you are making a mistake. A well-modeled bathroom can be an incredibly valuable space in your home. It can be like your own spa that you can retreat to whenever you need some R&R after a hard day. It is a space of luxury, of beauty, and of peaceful recuperation.

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Plumbing Emmaus Tips: Current Trends In Bathroom Remodeling

To successfully make a bathroom that feels relaxing and enjoyable, it can be beneficial to consider what some of the current trends are. In this article, we will discuss some tips that you can incorporate into your bathroom to make it feel great.

Modern Showers That Do Everything

A shower needn’t only be a place for you to splash yourself with water. More and more people are now starting to embrace the full possibilities of the shower.

If you want to go the extra mile with your shower, then it is possible to find showers that now include chromatherapy/sensory lighting, as well as LCD screens so you can catch up on the news, and even surround sound speakers. In these bathrooms, you can enjoy indulging your senses as though you were in the rainforest, standing under a waterfall, or you can take your shower singing to the next level!

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Bathroom Cabinets That Do More

It’s not just your shower that can be tricked out with bells and whistles. Similarly, bathroom cabinets are also becoming more and more impressive. For instance, why use this just as a place to keep a toothbrush and floss, when you could add in a refrigerated section and use it also as a place to store a drink.
We’re not suggesting that you drink on the toilet… but why not while you’re relaxing in a warm bubble bath? Now that’s a different story!


Energy Efficiency & Plumbing

This feature isn’t focussed on luxury, but it will make you feel good – or your conscience at least!

More and more bathrooms and fittings now focus on trying to keep energy costs down, and water waste equally low. Low flow toilets are an example of this. These toilets come with different flushing options to suit different… scenarios let’s say.

Another surprisingly simple way to be more efficient with water is to use motion activated taps. These prevent you from needing to turn the tap on and off. Thereby, it reduces the amount of time that it takes to stop the tap when you’re done.

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Your Bathroom & The IOT

IOT is ‘Internet of Things’. This term refers to the fact that everything is becoming ‘smarter’ as the cost of installing microchips and internet connectivity has gone way down.

As such, we now have things like smart showers that we can turn on remotely to warm up while we do other things. Or how about showers that automatically adjust to the perfect temperature given the ambient surroundings?
Then there is voice activated lighting and a whole host of other potential smart features that you can install in your bathroom. Most people spend quite a bit of time in their bathroom. So, it makes sense to make these areas as functional and enjoyable as possible.

Sunbathing Spot In Your Bathroom

Finally, a very cool trend that has been catching on lately is the use of some kind of sun-lounging spot. If you have a suitable window or skylight, then why not have a space to lie down and relax while working on your tan with a good book?

This feature truly embraces the whole ethos of the modern bathroom as much more than just a place to wash!


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