Mucungie Plumber Shares Kitchen & Bathroom Plumbing Design Ideas

Every year, there are some impressive design ideas that might inspire any homeowner to remodel their bathroom or kitchen. These new ideas usually focus on the being efficient and functional while incorporating aesthetically pleasing concepts. This article will display a variety of different sinks, showers, faucets, and anything associated with kitchen or bathroom plumbing. Hopefully, you will find it inspiring and get some good ideas on what you would like to do if you are planning on remodeling your kitchen or bathroom.

Remodeling experts, architects, and interior designers all claim that there is a trend in 2016 to remodel kitchens and bathrooms. One of the primary reasons is because new home buyers are returning to the market. A new homeowners might not like the way that their new kitchen or bathroom looks and so a remodeling project is in the works. Below you will see the hottest kitchen and bathroom remodeling ideas that we have compiled from the pros. These include residential architects, trade associations, remodeling companies, contractors, interior designers, and retailers. Below are some of our favorite remodeling ideas from the KBIS Las Vegas 2016 Kitchen & Bath Design Trends For 2016 By Bath Expo Showroom:

bathroom and kitchen remodeling ideas

This would look great in your kitchen. It is pleasing to the eye while maintaining function.

beautiful glass sinks

These sinks are extremely artistic. They are unique and add a greatelement of color that can be used in your bathroom.

kitchen and bathroom sink remodeling idea

This idea is wonderful if your design ideas encompass simplicity and a minimalist look.

high tech blue vanity sinkThis sink portrays a new trend that we have seen for 2016. The idea of having an accent light in your sink is quite popular while adding a modern flare. The above pictures portray the overall look and then another picture that shows a close-up.

Series of faucets

The above picture depicts all different types of faucets that you can use in your bathroom and kitchen. They all are very functional while maintaining elegance and simplicity.

shower remodeling idea

This modern shower can be easily installed in your home by your Macungie, PA plumbing expert. If you are interested in modernizing your bathroom while space wisely, this idea might be one that might inspire you.

sink ideas for your home

Here is another idea that we found to be trending for 2016. This idea uses space wisely and can make any bathroom look a lot bigger than it actually is.

classy sink ideas

This is a simple sink that can be easily installed into your home. It also shows one of the biggest trends that we have seen for plumbing remodeling projects: simplicity.

trendy bathroom sink

The above picture is another sink idea that is popular with homeowners this year. It encompasses a classic look that has maintained its place with trending kitchen and bathroom remodeling ideas for years.

photo & video credits: Bath Expo Showroom, Brooklyn NY


remodeling your kitchen or bathroom


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