How To Get Your Plumbing Ready For Winter

preparing your plumbing for winterBeing unprepared for the drop in temperature during the winter months could cause your plumbing system to malfunction. Frozen water in the pipeline could result in some amount of inconvenience or be quite destructive. Talking to a plumber after the damage is done will be counterproductive and costly. However, taking the time to properly prepare for the frigid winter weather could save you lots of money. Below are some things your plumber could do to prepare your plumbing for the winter:

Insulate Water Pipes & Hot Water Heater

Insulating your pipes will lower your energy costs and minimize the risk of the pipes becoming frozen. Hot water heater blankets provide an incredible method of insulating hot water heaters. It also lowers energy consumption and prolongs the life of the heater as the equipment will not have to work as hard.

Fix Leaks

When the temperature drops, a big problem could result from even the littlest water leak. Your plumber will check all exposed pipes for leaks to lower the risk of freezing. If the water freezes, it is possible that there will be more considerable damage to surrounding pipes. If you have insulated pipes, your plumber will check for moisture that the insulation might have soaked up via hidden leaks.

Prepare Outside Hose Bibs & Sprinkler Systems

It is very important to safeguard pipes and hose bibs against the cold. This can be done by taking off garden hoses that might be attached to outside faucets. Removing garden hoses is vital as this prevents the hose bib from trapping the water; causing it to freeze and ultimately result in damaging the pipes. Before storing the hoses, ensure that all the water is properly drained from them. The garden hoses can be safely stored in a shed or garage during the winter months.

The water should also be purged from the sprinkler system. Your plumber can do this by blowing air through the system to rid it of any water that might have accumulated.

Pump House

If your water supply comes from a well, careful planning and certain preventative methods will be instrumental to keeping things running smoothly during the winter. Your plumber can prevent the pipes from freezing by properly insulating the pump houses. Additionally, the temperature of the pump house must be kept above freezing through the use of a heat source.

Here Is A Video With Some Useful Tips On Winterizing Your Home


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