Is Your Garbage Disposal Motor Burnt Out?

broken garbage disposalThe common garbage disposal, once considered a luxury of modern life, is now an integral, necessary component of the modern kitchen. Whether tiny or super-sized, these mechanical workhorses turn food chunks into ground-up waste material. This material then gets rinsed down the drain and goes into the city’s sewage system. All this is done with the flick of a switch.

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Garbage Disposal Replacement Macungie PA: Is Your Garbage Disposal Motor Burnt Out?

However, when your garbage disposal starts acting up, it can impair your everyday life. You may not realize how much your garbage disposal does for you until it is not working!

In this article, we will discuss one of the significant issues that garbage disposals face: a burnt out engine. We will address some of the symptoms and how you can determine the condition of your motor.

Every Appliance Reaches Its Limit

cooking in kitchenThere’s one problem. Like every other cherished kitchen gadget and mechanical time-saver in the home, garbage disposals tend to burn out and eventually stop working. The reasons for failure range from temporary jamming to serious engine malfunction. But what’s the best way to know the reason for a garbage disposal’s inability to do its job?

Garbage Disposal Issues: What’s Going On?

There are a few ways to check and see whether your disposal has a burnt-out engine, broken part, faulty electrical connection, or a jamming problem. It is essential to proceed with caution whenever dealing with an electrical appliance in the home. Garbage disposals deserve an even higher level of care because they not only run on electricity but also contain parts that can cause serious injury.

Warning: Whenever you diagnose a garbage disposal problem, never put your hand inside the unit, i.e., through the drain hole of the sink. Only perform the standard procedure of checking for a jam or a faulty electrical connection. Most units come with a small wrench and posted directions (on the outside of the motor unit, and visible from underneath the sink).

If your quick diagnosis reveals anything that can’t be resolved by following the posted directions, consider calling a plumber.

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How To Test A Garbage Disposal

garbage disposal replacementHere are the steps for inspecting the source of malfunction on a standard garbage disposal. Note that home appliances are all a little bit different based on brand, age, and design. So, always follow the specific guidelines listed on your disposal if it conflicts with the general steps listed below.

  • Step One: Check the wall circuit-breaker to see whether the disposal has tripped the kitchen power breaker. If it has, flip the breaker back to the “on” position and attempt to start the disposal via the wall switch. If it turns on, all is well and you likely had nothing more than a temporary jam that has now passed. In the event that the unit does not turn on, move to step two.
  • Step Two: Reach under the sink and look (use a flashlight if you need to) to see whether the disposal’s plug has partially or completely fallen out of the outlet. If it has, plug it back in and try to start the unit by turning the wall switch on. If it comes on, you’re finished. In the event that it doesn’t, move to step three.
  • Step Three: Use a small hex wrench (or the one that is probably attached to the motor unit). Place the wrench into the center of the bottom of the unit and move it in both directions several times. Turn on the unit at the wall. Press the “breaker” button on the motor if the wall switch does not start the unit. Still not working? Move to step four.
  • Step Four: Unplug the unit from the electrical outlet. Plug in a small appliance to test the wall socket. No power? That means you have an electrical problem, not a disposal problem. Call an electrician. If the other appliance does come on okay, then you most likely have a burnt out garbage disposal motor. Call a plumber. Your work is done here.

Always work in a well-lighted area and remember to wear some type of effective eye protection, like work goggles. Gloves are also a necessity. Before you begin, place a large drop cloth or soft mat on the floor where you’ll be sitting. As with any home appliance, let the label be your guide for diagnosis tasks.

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