Five Things About Garbage Disposals That You May Not Know About

image of garbage disposal repair Emmaus PAGarbage disposals, sometimes referred to as food waste disposers or garbage disposers, make life much easier for modern households. These machines grind up food waste quickly, so you can avoid having to put scraps of food into a rubbish bin, where they could produce unsavory aromas. The ground down food scraps are transported away by the primary drainage system. Robinson Plumbing, expert plumbers for garbage disposal repair Emmaus PA, share some little known facts about garbage disposals, which should prove enlightening.

1. Big cities benefit greatly from disposing of food waste with a machine, rather than using rubbish bins. Garbage disposals reduce the amount of food that is thrown away to rot. This, in turn, reduces the likelihood of pests, like mice and rats, and other unwelcome creatures getting into the rubbish bins.

2. When garbage disposals are used, less food is wasted. In America, up to forty percent of food is thrown away every year. In fact, food waste accounts for most of the rubbish that enters landfills. Undoubtedly, installing garbage disposals helps to lower this percentage.

3. The advantages of using garbage disposals are considerable. These machines reduce operation expenses. Garbage disposals also help reduce the amount of methane gas that is released into the atmosphere that happens when food is wasted. Better still, these machines reduce the quantity of drain blockages, and ensure that disposing of food is simple and fast.

4. Almost half of American households do not have garbage disposals. A good plumber will be able to install one in your home quickly. Get in touch with a reputable plumber to arrange an appointment, and you will have your device ready to go before you know it.

5. Be sure to exercise discretion when it comes to choosing what to put in it. Do not put any of the following things in your device:

  • oil
  • fats
  • grease
  • egg shells
  • raw eggs
  • rice
  • pasta
  • starchy foods (like potatoes)
  • fibrous/string foods
  • bones

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There are a few different natural methods you can use to keep your disposal fresh and free from unpleasant smells. Freeze vinegar in an ice cube tray and run the cubes through the device. This destroys the germs that produce nasty aromas. Place lemon into your disposal and let the system grind it down. This cleans the walls of the device and generates a nice, long lasting scent. Pour baking soda down your disposal, leave it to stand for a few hours, then run the device with cool water. This gets rid of unwanted smells.

If you use your garbage disposal correctly, you can expect it to stay working for up to a decade. After washing your dishes your dishes, pour a small quantity of soap down the drain and run the device for several minutes. This cleans the system effectively. Garbage disposals need to be used regularly to prevent corrosion and rust. Only use cool water to grind food waste down. Cool water solidifies the oil or grease that may have entered the system, which makes it simpler for the machine to slice it up and destroy it.

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garbage disposalsGarbage disposals are one of the most frequently used appliances in homes. Many people do not think about the impact that this little device has on their life and the environment. Be sure to treat it well by properly maintaining it. This will ensure that it works well and it lasts a long time. Be aware that all machines, do need maintenance and repair from time to time.

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