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garbage disposal repair in an allentown homeRobinson Plumbing provides the best garbage disposal repairs in Allentown PA and all surrounding areas. When you need to know how to fix a garbage disposal that only hums or you have a garbage disposal leak, you can contact us today to get your waste disposal unit repaired 24/7. We handle emergency repairs replacements and upgrades for your kitchen disposal unit.

Robinson Plumbing also handles all types of kitchen and bathroom plumbing problems. Everything from leaking sinks, clogged pipes and broken faucets. We are a local Allentown plumbing company and strive to make our customers happy!

Garbage Disposal Repair

Interesting Facts About Garbage Disposals

The garbage disposal is an important part of keeping the home clean and safe.

Most households today have disposal units within their homes, making the process of getting rid of unwanted garbage easy. However, few people have taken the time to consider the history of garbage disposal. In this article, we will discuss the origin of garbage waste units so you can appreciate just how this plumbing device has revolutionized the world. We will also share some tips on how to find the best unit for your home.

John W. Hammes

There are two differing accounts of the origin of garbage disposal units. One school of thought claims that a man by the name John W. Hammes came up with the idea of a garbage disposal unit in the year 1927 . Apparently, he was trying to help his wife keep the kitchen free of dirt and foul odors. Being an architect, the idea of designing a disposal unit did not seem quite difficult. After using the unit for a short time, the man decided to apply for a patent which was the government gave to him in 1933. Later, he established a manufacturing company for garbage disposal units in the early 40s.

General Electric

The second school of thought regards a company by the name of General Electric. They claim that they are the first entity to come up with manufacturing and selling garbage disposal units. Furthermore, the company goes on to note that in the initial years, it could only produce 52 units. This was due to low demand and cautious approach to the new venture. General Electric purchased John W. Hammes’ company at a later date. However, there is no real evidence on record to prove which of these arguments is authentic.

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Choosing A Garbage Disposal Unit

waste disposal unitChoosing the right garbage disposal unit is…

key to keeping your home free of foul smells and garbage that may cause health hazards. If your plumber suggests that your unit needs a replacement instead of a repair, here are some of the key things to keep in mind.

  • The size – The size of the unit you pick should correlate to its use. Kitchen units are small in size. However, if you have a larger household size, then you need to accommodate the large volume of garbage by getting a more powerful unit.
  • The design – There are a number of units that are made of high quality plastic materials. They are cheap and light in weight. However, if you are looking for something durable, you should go for stainless steel units. These units tend to remain in good shape for years.
  • Brand – It is also important for you to buy a garbage disposal unit from a reputable company. Avoid units from little known brands because they may not be of good quality.


Garbage Disposal Repair Service Allentown PA

When your unit is acting up, it is important to address it right away. For trusted plumbing services, including waste disposal fixes, contact Robinson Plumbing. We offer the best price for garbage disposal repair cost and replacement. We are a family owned business whose priorities lie with customer satisfaction.

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