Fun Facts About Plumbing

plumbing factsSome people think that indoor plumbing is a fairly new concept. Plumbing has had a long history with many interesting facts and stories associated with this trade. For instance, did you know that the first indoor bathroom dates all the way back to 2500 B.C.? Today, the preferred material for sewer lines is copper. This is exactly what Egyptians used for their plumbing, thousands of years earlier.

Prescription Drugs

At least 85% of the prescription drugs people ingest are filtered through the kidneys. The drugs leave the human body during urination. This has raised concerns for the EPA, because there are large quantities of pharmaceuticals in sewage systems due to urination.

Time Spent In Bathroom

In an average lifespan, individuals spend approximately three years in the bathroom. With all the time people spend in there, some strange things can happen. Residential plumbers have a lot of stories about clogged pipes. They have found everything from false teeth to unopened bottles of beer inside plumbing pipes.

Heated Toilet Seat

One of the newest advancements in plumbing is the heated toilet seat. It is seen as an answer to those cold winter mornings. These seats may add comfort but they come with a price tag of $300.

The “John”

The flushable commode dates back to 1596. It was created by Sir John Harington. This is where the toilet got one of its many nicknames, “the John”. Globally, there are over 100 slang terms and nicknames for the bathroom.

Albert Einstein

fun facts about plumbingAlbert Einstein made a statement that many people found surprising. He said that if he could live his life again, he would have chosen to be a plumber. After this announcement, a plumbers union made Einstein an honorary member.

Super Bowl Sunday

On Super Bowl Sunday, a lot of people throw parties. Many people tune in to see the game, while others tune in to see the commercials. Food and beverage consumption is at an all time high. During halftime of the big game, more commodes are flushed than during any other time of the year.

Low-Flush Toilets

In most homes, flushing the commode makes up a large percentage of water usage. Typically, this is over 30%. Households with low flush toilets conserve a lot of water. Annually, homes with low flush commodes save around 18,000 gallons of water.

Voice-Activated Toilets

Japan is known to be a very advanced country. They always have the most cutting edge technology and electronics. This advanced thinking also applies to their bathrooms. In this country, they have voice activated toilets. Their commodes respond to a wide range of vocal commands.

This is just a glimpse at the history surrounding indoor plumbing. There are so many stories and facts. Most people never realize all there is to know about plumbing.

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