How To Properly Handle A Flooded Basement

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A flooded basement is among the worst nightmares of every homeowner. If your basement floods, you can lose cherished keepsakes to mold and mildew, others to water damage. Also, you can expect a large bill to salvage the remainder. Coming home to a basement flood can feel very overwhelming.

If you live in an area that is prone to flooding, then you will need to take that into account. Most homeowners get lucky, until they don’t. Inevitably, they will need to deal with a flooded basement and the consequences that come with it. The best course of action is to be proactive before it happens to you. A sump pump installation is a great approach towards preventing a flooded basement from occurring in your home.

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What To Do When Your Basement Is Flooding

In this article, we discuss some steps you should take when you notice that your basement is filling with water. Likewise, we offer some sound advice to prevent the problem from happening in the future.

Act Immediately When Facing A Flooded Basement

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The first thing you should do when your basement floods is to act immediately. This is because the damage is only going to get worse with time. If possible, cut off the basement’s supply of water, electricity, and gas. Wading through water to reach any of these is hazardous. It is best left to an expert such as a certified plumber. You should also wear boots and gloves in the flood zone to protect yourself from any contaminants in the water.

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Determine The Source Of The Flood

Next, you need to determine the source of the flood. Excessive rainfall, a burst pipeline, a water leak,  a malfunctioning sump pump, and overflowing sewage systems are all common causes of basement flooding. If you are unsure of the cause, you really can’t do anything to fix the problem. In this case, call a plumber.

A professional plumber can help you find the cause and advise you on how to solve it. Your plumber will also be on hand to expertly restore any drains, pipes, or other systems damaged by the flooding event, so bringing in a professional is your wisest course of action.

Basement Flood Clean Up

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When the actual flooding stops, clean-up can begin. Options include a wet vac system, a sump pump, and a mop and bucket. Having multiple people on cleaning duty can make the job go faster. Larger jobs may require an expert who has the expertise and equipment to clean any flood. In this situation, your plumber should have all the tools and experience necessary to get the job done right.

Avoiding Mold After Dealing With A Flooded Basement

Items soaked in flood water have 48 hours to dry before mold and mildew set in. You can expedite the drying process by leaving all windows and doors open to promote airflow, pointing fans at the wettest items, and moving items into the sunlight, or at least out of the wet basement. It is dangerous to move anything with an electrical plug, however, so do not attempt to do so without expert assistance. Wet drywall will require speedy replacement, and cardboard boxes should be considered a lost cause once wet.

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How To Prevent A Flooded Basement

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The best way to handle a basement flood is never to have one in the first place. While every basement is prone to flooding, you can protect your home by ensuring that yours is as waterproof as possible.

A licensed plumber should be brought in to make sure your sump pumps and basement drains are in perfect working order, allowing them to perform as intended should the need ever arise. Your lawn should also be graded toward the sewage system rather than your home, guiding water away when it rains. If you’re unsure of your lawn’s grade, go outside when it is raining and look for pools of water near your home. If you find any, you have a problem.

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Sump Pump Installation

For homeowners that have a sump pump, be sure to clean your sump pump and schedule sump pump maintenance to ensure it works as expected. For homeowners that do not have a sump pump in their basement, it is advisable to install one now. The spring season is right around the corner, which is notorious for rainfall and flooded basements. A basement flood will probably ruin your day but not your life. A plumber’s assistance can make it much easier to handle your flooded basement. Save yourself the time and headache associated with a flooded basement. Therefore, be sure to call a licensed plumber to schedule a consultation.



Be sure to take the necessary steps to prevent a flooded basement. In the event that your basement does flood, knowing the above steps will help keep you safe. The bottom line is that it is always safe to leave a job like this to a professional. Many people have gotten hurt by taking on a project like this on their own. For an expert plumbing service company in the Lehigh Valley, be sure to contact Robinson Plumbing.

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