Fabulous Faucets: How To Choose Your New Faucet

Kitchens are not just for cooking in anymore: your kitchen could be a fashion statement. Are you old-fashioned with a flare for rustic renovations? Do you take a Victorian view on life, especially out the kitchen window to a raised herb garden? Is the kitchen a social gathering spot or intended for the exploits of an amateur chef? The purpose and style of your kitchen will inspire your choice of faucet. Consider these two factors: fashion and function.



Faucet Function And Fashion

You use a faucet to wash and rinse dishes, to fill a kettle for making tea, and to fill pots with water to boil pasta or rice. How much cooking, however, do you plan to do? Are you more of a microwave-meal person, reliant on a caterer for any dish more complex than macaroni and cheese or do you intend to practice culinary arts as demonstrated by TV chefs?

Traditional Or Modern Stainless Steel Faucet

If gourmet aspirations are slim, you will probably mountFaucet a traditional or modern stainless steel faucet from the sink or the counter top. Two taps are fine. On a small budget, standard-shaped, clean hardware is functional but not trendy. A modern outlook involves angles. That goes for the sink too: a square basin topped by an angular faucet, maybe set into the wall if the weather doesn’t get too cold in winter causing the outer wall (and associated plumbing) to freeze. Ask your plumber about weather-related practicalities in your area.

Single Or Touch-Free Tap

Chefs with dirty hands prefer a single or touch-free tap, although this limits how accurately they can set the temperature. Retractable hoses are extremely useful to someone washing a lot of pots and pans. While dishwashers are common in modern homes, some dishes are too large for that appliance or must be washed by hand. They tend to sit high in the sink so your faucet should be tall to leave room for piles of dishes. Professional hardware as used in restaurants provides space and a touch of steam-punk too.

The sort of kitchen that sees a lot of gourmet action can still feel like a comfortable, homey place. Ornamentally shaped dual taps aren’t as convenient or hygienic as touch-free and single taps, but they are more suggestive of old-fashioned family values. Surrounded by antiques or hardwood, a newly made but old-looking tap provides modern performance.

Pretty Performer

Your work of plumbing art should be as impressive internally as it is visually pleasing. Ensure that antique-style metals and ornamentation give way to top-quality manufacturing on the inside. For any questions about a plumbing issue in your home or for any other of your plumbing needs, contact Robinson Plumbing. Robinson Plumbing is a local, family owned company that offers a wide variety of services. Our priorities are quality service with exceptional customer care at an affordable cost.
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