Emmaus Plumber: Signs That Your Water Heater Is On The Fritz

As a homeowner you want to do all that you can to keep your home maintenance expenses down. This said, a broken water heater can be costly to repair, but if you wait to check it out you will find yourself with a much higher bill for water heater repair work. There are several telltale signs that your water heater may be on the fritz. Make sure that you heed the warnings and contact a professional sooner rather than later.

Water Or Moisture

If you find that there is any moisture along the floor around the water heater there could be a problem with the unit. If there is a leak or a fracture in the water heater the unit might lose water when the water heater is trying to warm up the water. This occurs when the metal of the unit expands during the heating process. The water might be forced through the small fractures when this occurs. This could explain why you might not see water all of the time. The water might only be expelled when the water is heating up. When the water cools down the crack will close up and block the water from leaking. This could need to be repaired.

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 Discolored Water

When the water coming from the warm water tap is a different color such as rust there could be a problem with the tank. The tank might have started to rust from the inside and this would change the water color. Don’t assume this means you need a new water heater right away. Take some time to run the water a few times or run a few gallons of water and see if the color is still the same. This is typically an indication that there is a problem with the tank, especially if it is in all of the hot water taps of the home. This might be something that could be repaired by a qualified Emmaus water heater repair plumber.


Noises From The Unit

A clear indication that you have a malfunctioning or deteriorating hot water heater is the loud noises you might hear from the unit. If the unit is making loud noises off and on it is likely that you have some issues. While it could be that the sediment build up over time within the tank has started to harden. Once it hardens it will be pushed around the tank when the water is heating up and the banging against the side of the tank could be just that. It could also mean that some of the moving parts in the water heater have come loose and need to be tightened.

Failure To Maintain Temperature

image of Emmaus plumber finishing water heater repair jobAnother indication that your water heater might be on its way out is the lack of consistent water temperature. Perhaps the water heats up but doesn’t last long or it you hear it come on frequently. This might mean that the water heater needs a new heating element, thermostat or any number of other repairs. It could simply need an adjustment to the current setting.

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