Emmaus Plumbing Tip: How To Maintain Your Water Heater To Prolong Replacement

Your water heater does a lot of work for you. It provides warm baths, clean clothes and sparkling silverware. You cannot enjoy all these things without paying some attention to your heater. If you want to get the best out of your water heater, you have to give it the special treatment it deserves. Below are some things you can do to prolong replacement and make your water heater work effectively.


Keep An Eye On The Valve

The temperature-pressure relief valve is vital to the health of your water heater. Test this valve annually and while you are doing this, look out for small leaks from the valve. Check this valve by quickly discharging it two or three times. This helps you spot potential problems and take action before a serious problem occurs.

Examine The Sacrificial Anode Rod

Loosen the hex head screw of your sacrificial anode rod and remove it. Take a close look at the rod and replace it f you notice any of the following things.

  • The rod is less than half an inch thick
  • 5-7 inches of core steel wire is exposed
  • The rod has a coat of calcium

Why The Sacrificial Anode Rod Matters

This rod protects your water heater and makes it function effectively. Remember that without this rod, hot water can shorten the life of the tank by corroding it. Examine the anode rod at least once a year and you will save a lot of money. Remember, it is easier and cheaper to replace a used up rod than to have a water heater replacement in Emmaus, PA.

Flush The Tank

Flushing sediment and debris from your tank a few times a year improves heater function and longevity. Just turn off the cold water supply and use a garden hose to drain the valve. Observe the water as it runs into a bucket. If the water is not clear, drain the tank repeatedly until the water is clear.

Adjust The Thermostat

Adjust your thermostat to 120 degrees and you will enjoy two great advantages. First, you reduce the risk of scalding and you lower energy costs. In fact, every 10 degrees reduction in temperature saves you as much as 5% in energy costs.

Insulation Keeps You Safe

If you are using older units, you need to insulate some components with fiberglass because this improves efficiency. Insulation also keeps the system safe so make sure the cold and hot water pipes are properly insulated.

Adjust Settings

Protecting your water heater is not all about things you can do while you are in the house. You can also take measures to protect your heater even when you are out of town. Simply adjust the thermostat on your heater to vacation “settings” when you are out of town. This ensures the water is not heated in your absence. This simple move saves you money and makes your heater last longer.

Final Word

image of Emmaus, PA plumber replacing water heater Water heater protection and maintenance is not rocket science. Take the steps discussed above and your heater will last long and work perfectly.

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