5 Drain Cleaning Signs You Should Be Aware Of

woman with a clogged sinkMost people don’t really worry about their plumbing system. They tend to ignore common signs that plumbing system trouble is on the rise. For example, when you notice any drain cleaning signs, you need to call for a drain cleaning service.

Unfortunately, many homeowners tend to take action only when things start to go south and fast. However, you should not ignore plumbing issues as they will not go away unless you take the proper actions. In fact, many issues will progressively get worse when neglected.

Disregarding these problems will only make them worse. In fact, you should begin to act when you see the earliest signs of trouble. Note that when it concerns clogged drains, using chemical cleaners can actually harm the pipes. Instead, let a professional plumber deal with the situation with their specialized tools.

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5 Signs That You’re Due For A Drain Cleaning

In this article, we discuss the top five signs that indicate the need for a drain cleaning service.

1. Standing Water

Water from the faucet or the shower should run immediately down the drains. If you notice water building up at the bottom, then something is definitely wrong.

This problem will make the sink or shower hard to use. Anyone who wants to wash their hands will now have to be careful. Using too much water can lead to an overflow. Family members who want to take a shower will have to stand in dirty stagnant water, effectively defeating the purpose of bathing.

2. Slow Drain

standing water in sinkIt doesn’t have to reach the level of standing water for you to take action. Even a slow drain should be enough of an alert that things are not quite right.

If the sink is taking an eternity to empty, then your workflow in the kitchen will be affected. Instead of being able to wash all the ingredients in just a few minutes, the whole process will take you much longer. You will have to wash all the dishes piece by piece, waiting for the water to go down the drain. Instead of taking a bath right after each other, you will have to wait for the water to subside and waste precious time.

3. Bad Drain Odor

A good drain should be odorless. If you are in the bathroom brushing your teeth, then there really is no reason for it to smell like a sewer. Permeating bad odor from the drain is a sign that there might be sewage back up somewhere along the pipes. This could only get worse with time, so do not ignore it. If you do, then you might have to deal with a clogged drain with such a despicable smell that you will refrain from using your own bathroom. Call a plumber immediately to investigate and fix the issue.

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4. Fruit Flies Coming Out Of Your Drain

fruit flies in plumbing systemFlies are attracted to dirt and decaying organic matter. You would not normally associate fruit flies with plumbing issues, but the two can be related. If you notice a sudden increase in their numbers, then check your drains. There might be a considerable amount of food waste building up down there, and that is attracting them to your house.

Clean up everything that you can, including your kitchen counters, your backyard, and the rest of your house. As for the drains, leave the cleaning to the experts.

5. Weird Noises

There are many reasons why homeowners tend to ignore the plumbing system. One reason is that it is designed to work silently in the background. You should not hear anything except the typical sound of falling water. If you hear weird noises such as bubbling, gurgling, sloshing, or banging, then something out of the ordinary is happening. This could be a problem with the water pressure, trapped air bubbles, water hammers, obstructions, loose pipes, faulty valves, and so on. It merits immediate attention from an experienced plumber, so don’t delay!

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