Drain Maintenance Tasks To Do This Fall

drain cleaning service near me in kutztown pennsylvania homeFall is an ideal time to perform maintenance on the drains in your home. The weather is cooler and you have a normal, less hectic routine that allows you to tackle home projects. Some homeowners use this time of year as a reminder to get drain pipe cleaning services. When looking for a drain cleaning service near me, Kutztown PA homeowners can take advantage of the drain cleaning services that Robinson Plumbing has to offer. This will keep your drains clear and free from any odors that is common with dirty drains. In order to prevent a clogged drain, there is a lot that you can do. However, if you suspect you have a clog, the sooner you get to it, the better. Ignoring clogs can turn into bigger problems.

By conducting some drain maintenance, you will avoid…

higher utility bills, decreased sanitation, and bad odors. In this article, we will discuss some some basic maintenance tips to help keep your drains clear and even prevent a clogged drain.

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Add strainers to bathtubs and showers. This task is a no-brainer. These basket-shaped inserts keep hair and other items, including small pieces of soap, from getting into your drains. In addition to preventing clogs, they will extend the life of your plumbing.

Practice Prevention

cooking grease and clogged drainWhat do you throw down your drains, including the kitchen sink?

Many homeowners indiscriminately throw cooking grease down kitchen drains, thinking that the garbage disposal will take care of it. Such is not the case as grease will stick to the walls of pipes, eventually hardening and contributing to clogs. Wipe cooking grease from your pots and pans and throw it in the garbage along with other items such as food, diapers, plastic pieces, wipes and feminine hygiene products. Keeping these items out of drains will go a long way toward keeping them open.

Avoid Liquid Drain Cleaners

Liquid drain cleaners aren’t that effective and can actually cause damage to your pipes because of the corrosive substances that are part of their makeup. They are also toxic and dangerous to handle. Instead of using a commercial drain cleaner, use a homemade remedy of baking soda, vinegar and hot water. Periodically flushing you drains with boiling water can also help eliminate any build-up of grease and soap scum along the inside of pipes.

Also, invest in a plunger and a plumber’s snake to help break up clogs. Make sure you have the right type of plunger for your needs. Use cup plungers for sink drains and flange plungers for toilets. Different types of snakes are available too. These tools can scoop out material from places that you can’t reach. Be careful when using a snake, however, as using one too vigorously can cause damage to your pipes.

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Deodorize Stinky Drains

drain maintenanceThe most common cause of smelly drains…

is a dried out trap, most commonly found in bathrooms that are seldomly used. Prevent this problem by periodically running water so the trap doesn’t dry out and necessitate replacement. Kitchen drains that have garbage disposals also tend to stink due to a build-up of bacteria. Eliminate the smell with a combination of baking soda and lemon peel and flush with hot water.

Exterior Drains

Exterior drains are just as important. Remove leaves and dirt from gutters and downspouts to keep them clear. Inspect perimeter drains for debris and remove clogs from grates. These small chores can help you avoid basement floods.

Drain Cleaning Service Near Me Kutztown PA

While you’re checking drains, inspect any visible pipe for signs of cracking or other problems. If you notice any issues, you will need to call a plumber. Many homeowners worry about drain cleaning service price and avoid getting one altogether. However, it is worth your time to consider getting a professional annual drain cleaning to help keep your drains clear. As mentioned earlier, clogged drains lead to bigger issues that are far more expensive to repair.

For plumbing drain cleaning services, contact Robinson Plumbing. Our certified plumbers will clean your drains so that they are free from any debris. Also, we can repair any clogged drains that you have in your home. Our work is fast, clean, and affordable. Give us a call if you have any plumbing related questions and we will be glad to answer them.

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