Common DIY Plumbing Mistakes

If you are like most homeowners, you have probably found yourself in need of plumbing services at one time or another. The issue may be something simple, such as a blocked sink or leaking pipe, or it may be more serious in nature. If you plan to make repairs on your own, it is important to avoid the following plumbing mistakes:


Working Beyond Your Capabilities

Not knowing when it is time to call a professional plumber is perhaps the most common–as well as most costly–mistake made by homeowners on a regular basis. There is a variety of reasons for this, such as how easy a repair may look on a DIY video compared with the actual time it takes to complete the work. If you realize you are in over your head, contact a professional immediately to help you get back on track.


common DIY plumbing mistakesMaking the Wrong Material Choices

Beware of using mismatched pipes or other materials, which may result in additional repairs in the near future. Of course, this does not mean that you cannot use both copper piping and that made of galvanized steel for the same job. However, you must have the appropriate fittings to connect to different piping materials. If they are not correctly fitted together, it will only take a short time for both metals to corrode.

Forgetting to Use a Level

Although this is something of which most homeowners are aware, using a level is often a forgotten task. This simple step ensures that your plumbing is properly set, and therefore extremely important. This is because uneven plumbing will lead to numerous future problems.

Overlooking Municipality Regulations

Most people who own their homes naturally begin making repairs and completing renovations without thinking of asking anyone’s permission. However, certain municipalities have building codes that include plumbing regulations. This means there may be certain materials you are prohibited from using, as well as specific configurations that are not allowed. These codes are in place for a reason, as they help protect your dwelling from “repairs” that merely lead to safety issues and additional costs in the future.

Working Without the Proper Tools

call a plumberRegardless of how handy you are, there are certain jobs you should not attempt without professional assistance. For instance, pipes that are extremely old and frozen in place sometimes need to be broken out with special tools. Most consumers do not have such equipment lying around, and therefore may be tempted to misuse other tools in an effort to uninstall the pipes.

Choosing A Bad Contractor

If you have determined that the plumbing services you need must be placed in the hands of a licensed professional, you should collect several estimates before selecting an individual for the job. Fortunately, most cities have a broad range of plumbing companies from which to choose. Even if you are handy with repairs, it is best to turn complicated or serious problems over to an experienced, licensed plumber in order to enjoy a satisfactory outcome.

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