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clogged kitchen sink in an allentown homeWhen facing a clogged kitchen sink in your Allentown PA home,  call Robinson Plumbing right away. Our plumbers have the experience and the knowledge to understand what is causing the clog. Also, they will understand the best methods to remedy it. We understand that a kitchen sink clog is a major inconvenience. However, you can count on us to deliver services that are fast, friendly, and affordable. We prioritize customer satisfaction and so we make it a point to go above and beyond your expectations.

We also offer other plumbing services such as sewer line repairs, plumbing fixture replacements, and water leak repairs. To see a list of what Robinson Plumbing can do for you, click here. Be sure to call our office today. Even though a kitchen clog may seem like a minor issue, it can quickly escalate into a much larger issue. To prevent this, click the button below and schedule an appointment.

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The Smart Approach To Clogged Kitchen Drains

When you are looking down at a sink full of gunk…

it is not always easy to distinguish between the circumstances where you can safely unclog the drain yourself and the times when you really need to call a professional to help you out. In order to differentiate between the two, it is often helpful to understand the most common types of drain clog problems. This will help you prevent it from happening in the future. In this article, we will discuss what you can do to get rid of your pesky kitchen clog. This will prevent you from making mistakes that make matters worse. This is a common issue that we see among homeowners.

Grease Clog

Probably the most frequent type of stoppage is the good ol’ grease clog. This usually occurs when somebody does something like wash the bacon grease out of the pan. Once they immediately get the grease off the pan, they immediately shut the water off. What happens is that the grease drains down into the sink trap and then doesn’t have any additional water flow behind it to blow it further down the drain.

The sink trap is an uphill bend in the drain that allows a small pool of standing water to remain in the drain at all times. While this may not sound like a good idea, it is a much better idea when you think about the noxious gases lurking down in the main sewer line. If there was no sink trap holding onto a residue of liquid, those gases would waft up out of your pipes and make your house smell like a wastewater disposal plant. Think about what happens when you fill it with bacon drippings.

If the last bit of liquid that you pour into the drain is full of grease…

that grease (being lighter than water) is going to remain in the trap and turn into a solid lump. When pouring grease down your sink drain, at least run very hot water through it for a couple of minutes afterwards. However, every plumber will agree that you should avoid pouring grease down your drain at all costs. It is better to keep an empty jar under your sink that you can pour grease into after cooking. Grease and drains do not go hand in hand.

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Boiling Water

clogged kitchen sink home remedyNaturally, pouring grease down the drain doesn’t help very much if you already have a grease clog. However, you can fix these problems rather easily. If you have a clogged kitchen sink with sitting water, empty out your sink and bail as much water out of it as you can. Then, heat up a nice teakettle or coffeepot of boiling water and pour this into the sink. That will probably get you going again, even if you have to do it more than once.

Outside of grease clogs, many other kitchen clogs occur due to foreign materials that go down the drain. Since the pipes have angles and bends, the materials can’t flow through the pipe. Some foreign materials even expand as they soak in water. Think of a kitchen sponge. Sponges expand with water. Imagining this, it is pretty easy to see how these objects have an issue getting through the small opening that makes up a drain pipe.

The same goes for things like children’s toys, food, or small objects that somehow migrate into the plumbing. Improper food items like coffee grinds, eggshells, pasta, and flour that get put into the garbage disposal tend to form a paste in the pipe that solidifies and causes clogged kitchen sink with disposal. These clogs tend to form very solid plugs that are not going to go away with boiling water or consumer-grade drain cleaners. Not only that, but drain cleaners are extremely bad for your pipes.


Call A Plumber

Trying to remove any of these objects yourself is likely a futile exercise.

Even worse, you can actually damage the plumbing itself.

Damaging your pipe will magnify your difficulties in many ways. So, the best policy in the long run is to give the boiling water trick a shot and then call a reputable plumber if that doesn’t work. A small charge to unclog your drain is a lot better than a large bill to replace the pipes. It is not worth trying various extreme measures to save yourself some money. Home remedies such as boiling water or drain cleaners, can work to a degree but if it is a tough clog or your kitchen sink clogged past trap, then call a plumber.

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Clogged Kitchen Sink Allentown PA

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