A Plumber’s Tips For Saving Water

People who are environmentally-conscious often invest in items such as solar panels. They may also recycle glass and plastic objects. However, many people do not do as much as they can to conserve water. If you are wondering how you can avoid wasting water in your home, particularly when showering, you will be pleased to discover that your plumber may have valuable tips for you concerning how to save water, as well as information about “recycle ready” plumbing.

Water Saving Tips

plumbing and water conservationIf you let the water run before you jump in the shower, you are wasting multiple gallons of this precious resource. Approximately 20% of the water the average person uses to take a shower is wasted. Therefore, you may wish to consider just jumping in and waiting a few seconds for the water to reach the desired temperature as you begin your shower. The benefits of this simple activity will certainly outweigh the momentary discomfort.

Investing In A Low-Flow Shower Head

The average shower head uses well over two gallons of water each minute, all of which is essentially wasted. However, if you contact your plumber and upgrade to a certified, low-flow shower head fixture, your water consumption can be cut to a maximum of one and a half to two gallons per minute, saving the average family approximately 2900 gallons on an annual basis. Over time, this will not only conserve water, but also lower your water bill.

Recycle Ready Plumbing

Finally, you should consider recycle ready plumbing for your home. Recycle ready plumbing is simply a type of innovative “green” plumbing that allows your home to automatically reuse most of the water that goes down the drain, with the exception of waste water. After such plumbing fixtures are installed, water from your shower, as well as from other areas of your home such as your sink and dishwasher, is diverted to a chemically treated, storage tank where oils and other particles are filtered out and then it is returned to the system to be reused. Naturally, it is not meant to be drinking water, but rather it is used for things such as flushing commodes and supplying water to outdoor hoses.


If you are environmentally conscious and desire additional tips on reducing water consumption or are interested in recycle ready plumbing, contact a local plumber today and find out more about how you can help to preserve this valuable resource.

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