3 Huge Mistakes To Avoid When Cleaning Your Drain

CLOGGED DRAINNo household can escape clogged drains. There is no question that they will happen sooner or later and it is up to homeowners to react quickly when they do. Most will try everything in their power to fix it themselves rather than call a plumber right away. This is understandable from a financial standpoint. Going DIY is essentially free whereas professionals have to be paid a good sum for their services. However, novices are prone to errors when they try to resolve this type of problem. Here are some mistakes to avoid when cleaning your drain:

1. Pouring Chemical Cleaners Down The Drain.

There are numerous products on the market claiming to have the power to melt away the sources of clogs. These work by getting poured directly onto the drain allowing the liquid to reach the problem area below. Their acidity is vital to the de-clogging action. Due to their toxic nature, people are always advised to handle them with care. These safety hazards are not good to use around children and pets. Sometimes they don’t even work. Worst of all, they can damage the pipes with frequent use.

2. Creating DIY Poking Sticks With Coat Hangers And Other Objects.

Some homeowners feel that the most effective way to solve things is to physically remove the barrier by reaching out to get it. This is a difficult task given the possible depth of the problem area and narrow diameter of the pipes. They often use objects that are long and thin to get there like a metal coat hanger that has been unbent. However, this strategy does not really work. It has already caused plenty of frustrations because of wasted effort. The object might even get stuck or fall right into the pipe exacerbating the issue.

3. Using Water Pressure To Flush Out The Pipes.

The garden hose is often recruited for the task with homeowners thinking that the water pressure will be powerful enough to clear the pipes. It may sound good in theory but it rarely works in practice. This strategy typically creates a big mess and no real resolution. The pipes may even be harmed by such a move. It’s best to let the garden hose stay at its intended scope where it has proven its effectiveness.


If personal efforts do not yield the desired results, then do not hesitate to call a plumber for assistance. For a reputable plumber in your area, Robinson Plumbing can assist you with any plumbing questions that you might have as well as address any of your plumbing needs. Robinson Plumbing is a local, family owned company that is known for trusted, quality service. Call us today at (610) 351-9889 or contact us for any questions that you might have on your plumbing needs!

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