Save $25.00 on a new water purification system for your Lehigh Valley home or business

Drinking waterDid you know that tap water may contain contaminants like heavy metals and synthetic chemicals? It may also have impurities like chloramides, chlorine and others. Worse yet, your water may actually have parasites in it. Water treatment facilities do remove deadly bacteria and disease causing pathogens, however, the water that we drink is not always 100% safe. The chemicals that are used to eliminate bacteria & viruses may actually create harmful byproducts.

You can determine if your water contains a high level of sediment content if it exhibits the following characteristics:

Robinson Plumbing can purify the water in your home or business with a whole house water purification/filtration system. This will make your water better tasting, healthier and safer.

Installing water purification/filtration systems

Whole house water purification/filtration systems work by purifying your home’s water before it enters the building. This always provides you and your family with fresh, healthy water for drinking, bathing and doing laundry.

Maintaining water purification/filtration systems

If you already have a purification/filtration system installed in your home or business, make sure that it is being maintained on a regular basis to guarantee that it is working at it’s peak performance. Our technicians can provide routine maintenance services on your water purification/filtration system to keep your water tasting great. Also, regular maintenance on your system can minimize costly repairs in the future.

All around great experience. Efficient work, fair price, and came over 2 or maybe 3 hours after I called. Matt was professional yet still explained exactly what the problem was and what the work would entail, and left everything tidy when he was done. I’m looking to install an high efficiency on-demand water heating system later this year, and I will certainly be calling Robinson Plumbing for the upgrade.
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