Save $20.00 on garbage disposal installations in your Lehigh Valley home or business

insinkerator evolutionGarbage disposals are a great convenience in today’s kitchens. They chop up leftover food or debris into small pieces to keep them from clogging the kitchen drain. However, garbage disposals can break down or fail just like any other appliance. If you need a new garbage disposal or would like to upgrade your kitchen by adding one, we can help. We can also take a look at an existing disposal to see if a repair is all that is needed.

Garbage disposal repairs

At some point a garbage disposal will completely stop working. This usually happens when the disposal is older or has experienced extensive use. Some problems may be:

Hitting the reset button on a garbage disposal will sometime fix a simple problem. However, there are instances when that won’t work. If you’re experiencing problems with your kitchen garbage disposal, call our experienced plumbers at Robinson Plumbing. Our garbage disposal solutions are quick & affordable. Best of all, we will get your kitchen disposal operational again, safely!

Garbage disposal installation

Thinking about adding a garbage disposal to your kitchen? It is a fantastic upgrade, bringing modern day kitchen conveniences into your home.  Call us to discuss what types of garbage disposals will work best in your kitchen. We’ll install your brand new disposal quickly and give you instructions on how to safely operate it.

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