Whitehall Township: Places and Attractions to Visit

The entire Lehigh Valley region offers several interesting local attractions that you may never see in other places. One of the many places you should visit is Whitehall Township. Listed below are the places to visit and local attractions to see:

Blue Mountain Vineyards and Cellar

This is a place you should see when you happen to visit Whitehall. One very interesting fact about this vineyard is that the grapes they use are exclusively grown in their own vineyards. As a result, the wines produced are of the highest quality. In fact, those grapes are handpicked at the perfect peak of ripeness. After that, they’re fermented using stainless steel tanks before being ages in French Oak barrels.

The vineyards and cellar are a popular local attraction because you see the entire 50 acres of it with panoramic views of the Blue Mountain Range. But it isn’t just sightseeing. If you are fan of wines, then this place will certainly make you fancy. Experience the terraced vineyards and go back to the rich history of European wine production in the earlier centuries.

Schnecksville Community Fair

At a very affordable fee of $8 per person, the Schnecksville Community Fair is another local attraction that you shouldn’t miss out on. As a community fair, it offers a lot of fun stuff including some animal exhibits, a circus thrill show, and the frontier show. There are also some contents intended for the entire family. If you visit this local attraction, you will also enjoy some rides, crafts, and of course food.

Helfrich’s Springs Grist Mill and Peter Grim House

The Peter Grim House was built by its owner in 1807. He lived in it until his death in 1837. It’s actually a stone grist mill directly powered from a spring source. In 1872 meanwhile, the same mill was sold to a one Reuben Helfrich, who also operated it until 1890. It was then known as Helfrich Mill. As a planned local attraction, the mill was subjected to restoration in 1975, courtesy of the Whitehall Environmental Group. Because of the restoration efforts, the Helfrich Springs Grist Mill became a recipient of a place on the National Register of Historic Places.

Ironton Rail-Trail

Finally never dare to forget to visit the Ironton Rail-Trail. It is a defined as a 9-mile loop and extension passes covering Whitehall, Coplay, and North Whitehall. It literally becomes a part of the Delaware and Lehigh Corridor Trail. It’s a local attraction that tourists and visitors stop and take some photos. The 5.5 mile loop is paved while the rest is comprised of gravel and millings. By passing the trail, you’ll be able to visit some historic sites along the way. Take some selfies and family photos in the Cement Kilns located at Saylor Park in Coplay. Also, the entire trail is open and free for bikers, walkers, runners, and even motorized wheelchairs. However, leave your vehicles because motorized cars and horses aren’t allowed.

The next time you visit a place in Lehigh Valley, spend some time in Whitehall, PA and you will absolutely enjoy your stay.