Best Local Parks and Playgrounds in Whitehall Township for the Family

The colorful colonial history of Whitehall Township is no secret to many. The historic houses, mills, crafts, and buildings are well-known to most residents in the Lehigh Valley region. But what most of them don’t know is that this community has more to offer in the form of local parks and playgrounds.

  • Allencrest – Located at 1020 Livingston Street, Allencrest playground has an area of 1.25 acres in the southwest zone or part of the Township recreation system. The highlight is a play lot specifically designed and built for tots and kids up to twelve years. Although it is more of a small and hidden sitting park with an equally small pavilion, it still is a perfect recreation area for the entire family, especially with the presence of some playground equipment. As a matter of fact, there’s a playground associate that meets every month.
  • Cementon/Victor Talotta Park – With an area covering 18 acres, the Cementon/Victor Talotta Park in 5185 Dewey Avenue is one of the largest local parks and attractions in Whitehall. It is in the northeast zone of the recreation system. Cementon for its part, houses three baseball fields, two tennis/volleyball courts, two lighted basketball courts, and an enclosed building that’s available for renting, too. The playground association provides a wide array of sports programs which includes baseball/softball, summer volleyball for adults, and spring co-ed T-Ball. Other highly anticipated activities you may want to enjoy are the annual Cement Belt Fair and the summer camp program.
  • Egypt Memorial Park Whitehall PAEgypt Memorial Park – Located at 4540 Hillcrest Lane and Bank Street, Egypt Memorial Park covers almost 18 acres of recreation area. It is in the northwest zone of the recreation system, although unlike the other parks we’ve discussed, this one is not owned by Whitehall Township. But that doesn’t mean families and residents of the township cannot enjoy the premises, including several baseball fields, lighted basketball course, play lot, enclosed building, and a pavilion. The pavilion and building are also available for rent. There are also several interesting activities for kids and teenagers offered by the park, including the spring coed T-Ball, softball and baseball camps, and summer adult volleyball.
  • Schadt Avenue Park – Next on the list of local parks in Whitehall is Schadt Avenue Playground. It is also called by the locals as Zephyr Park. Covering 17 acres of land, it is found in the central west zone of the recreation system. The features of the park are the four soccer and baseball fields, one football field, basketball courts, and a play lot for kids. Aside from the usual camps of baseball, softball, and coed T-Ball, the park also offers field hockey for the youth.
  • Hokendauqua Park and Playground – Last on the list is a 10-acre park called Hokendauqua Playground. It is in the central east zone of the recreation system. Just like Egypt Memorial Park, it isn’t owned by Whitehall township. But visiting this park is totally worthy because of incredible amenities like three baseball fields and lighted basketball courts. Of course, there’s a play lot. There is also a pavilion which can be rented.