What Is Backflow & How Do You Prevent It?

Backflow is a situation in plumbing whereby water flows in the unwanted or reverse direction and is likely to cause major damages. In most cases, there are health risks related to it since dirty water may find its way into clean water hence leading to contamination. Even when it happens in one home, there is the potential of the health risks spreading to the entire surrounding community. The main causes of backflow are backpressure and siphoning. In order to correct this problem, you need effective plumbing services. Here is an overview of the the things you should do to prevent it:

Check The Valves

One of the major reasons why water flows in the reverse direction is because of ineffective valves. Valves can break or develop other minor faults. Non-return valves, for example, ensure that water flowing upwards does not exert too much pressure on the lower parts of the pipe. If they are faulty, the most likely situation is that there will be some backflow.

Check For Air Gaps

Air gaps can also cause backflow. The problem with air gaps is that they might sometimes be too difficult to detect. Some of them can be so tiny and unless you have adequate knowledge of how to detect them, you will not succeed. Qualified plumbers often use advanced tools to do this work. For instance, there are those who use video technology; so it will not take them too long to fix the problem.

Regular Plumbing System Maintenance

Many people forget about regular maintenance of their plumbing systems. They assume that since the water is flowing well, there is nothing to worry about. However, the truth is that some of these problems develop slowly and if they are not detected early, they can lead to complicated situations. Often look for plumbing services and ensure that the entire system has been checked for efficiency. To do this, you have to ensure that you hire a qualified and licensed plumber. Not everyone you come across can do the kind of job that you expect.


Generally, when it comes to controlling backflow, the best thing to do is to take preventive measures Eager Plumberagainst it. However, it when it is inevitable, you need to be quick to find plumbing services. Make sure that the plumber understands how to fix the problem because you definitely do not want to keep solving the same thing day in day out.

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