Well Pumps & Tank Issues: Signs To Spot

While well pumps can be an efficient solution for your plumbing needs, they need to be regularly maintained in order to prevent problems from occurring. When you notice your well stop pumping water, it may not always mean that you need to purchase a new well pump, or even dig new wells. Most well pumps are made to last several years, and some, with proper maintenance, can last upwards of twenty years, or even longer. These well systems can be inspected with relatively simple troubleshooting procedures, which will help you determine why your well has stopped delivering water. Consider some of the following things that you can do to get it running again.


If it is a power problem, you will need to test your system for it. Before doing anything else, make sure that the electrical circuit for your well pump was not tripped. Often, lack of power is responsible for the problem, and power surges or blackouts can be enough to shut down the entire system. Locate your service panel and the breaker for your pump, and then switch the breaker off and on.

Pressure Switch

Make sure that the pressure switch is not responsible for the problem. When you work with a pressure tank and switch attached to your water delivery system, sometimes it may shut down automatically to prevent too much draw from occurring. This is a safety measure that can be easily inspected by looking into the switch that sits on the grey box on top of the feed line. Resetting this switch can be as easy as lifting the handle up, slowly, until it engages again.

Pressure Tank

Sometimes the problem may be with the pressure tank as well. Make sure that the pressure tank is functional by inspecting its contents. Sometimes these tanks will become waterlogged, or the air bladder may break. Use a tire pressure gauge to make sure that the pressure in your tank is two pounds per square inch smaller than the setting necessary for the pressure switch to come on.

Brackish or Discolored Water

Finally, be sure to look around the area for brackish water or strange smells. Discolored water could All about Plumbers
mean rust or other harmful elements in the water, which will require a treatment system to solve the problem. This can be handled by contacting a water treatment specialist in the local area to help you fix the problem.

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