Is Your Water Treatment System in Need of Repair?

Water treatment systems work on a consistent basis without the need for constant monitoring. This is one of the main advantages of having a water treatment system that has been professionally installed in your home. Of course, there may be need for filters to be changed or emptied occasionally depending on the type of system. However, regular maintenance provided by the professionals who installed the system originally will result in fewer difficulties being experienced over the long term. Doing regular maintenance will enable you to continue enjoying quality water in your home environment on a daily basis.

Water treatment systems can develop malfunctions like any other complex mechanical device. When this happens, your system may require repairs. You should not attempt to repair one of these systems on your own, if you suspect that something has gone wrong with it. Instead, call the experts at Robinson Plumbing. We ensure the longest lifespan for the water treatment system in your home, whether it is a reverse osmosis system, filtration system or a water softener. We provide water treatment repair services to the greater Lehigh Valley and surrounding areas, and are available 24 hours a day at your convenience.

Signs That Your Water Treatment System Is In Need Of Repairs

The main warning signal that a water treatment system is not operating efficiently or not operating at all is when you notice that your home’s water quality deteriorates to the quality that existed prior to the installation of the system. Perhaps you notice that the drinking water starts to taste bad. If you have a water softener, flaky white deposits on the fixtures or difficulty with the creation of soap lather is an indication that there is a problem.

Filter systems or reverse osmosis system work by eliminating chemicals, contaminants and particles that contaminate water. In these systems, any decline in the taste or smell of the water should be of concern. The treatment system is definitely malfunctioning if there is any evidence of a change in the quality of the water in your home.

Strange discolorations in the treated water can result from broken water treatment systems because the system is failing to reduce contamination. Another malfunction is the system placing an excessive level of additives back into the treated water supply. When this happens, professionals should be called in to investigate why the removal of contaminates is not working properly.

Professional Plumbing HelpTypically, changes in the water pressure can also be indicative of a broken water treatment system. Since the system is attached to the water main at the point where it enters your home, it will trigger a reduction in water pressure if it becomes clogged or is in need of repair. There may be other issues that result in a change in water pressure, so a professional plumber should be called in to properly investigate what is the actual cause and what repairs are required.

Don’t lose the benefits of a functioning water treatment system in your home. At the first warning sign of a malfunctioning water treatment system, call Robinson Plumbing for repairs. We work with the best technology in water treatment systems providing environmentally friendly solutions for your house. We service Allentown, Bethlehem, Easton and all surrounding areas. We take pride in providing excellent service, and ensuring that homes receive the highest quality of water that is possible.