Benefits Of A New Water Softener

water softening systemIf you are like many individuals, you may view water softeners as nothing more than a luxury or an extra expense for something that is unnecessary. They think about water softener cost instead the the effects of hard water. In reality, however, this device offers major long-term benefits. In this article, we will discuss some essential facts about water softeners and the advantages that come with using one.

Understanding How Water Softeners Work

Hard water is water that contains substantial levels of magnesium and calcium. Water softeners in Allentown PA are able to remove these minerals, and thus “soften” the water.

Water Softener Services

Hard water can create multiple issues…

throughout your home. When homeowners tend to neglect the use of their water softener, they overlook some of the issues associated with hard water, if not all of them. Many of them are unaware of the fact that the build up of minerals cause some significant issues. For example, the calcium and magnesium in your water supply lead to clogged pipes. Minerals also interfere with how detergents and soaps dissolve. This leads to noticeable stains in sinks and bathtubs which affects the appearance of your fixtures and appliances.

Mineral Buildup In Pipes And Appliances

calcium depositsMineral buildup inside your appliances and pipes…

reduce the efficiency of your appliances such as your water heater. This leads to higher energy bills. Soaps and detergents are also less effective when interfered with by magnesium and calcium on a regular basis.

Taking a bath or shower in hard water irritates the skin and results in a dull complexion. It leads to drab hair that lacks luster. This is because the minerals leave behind a residue that is difficult to rinse away. Therefore, if your home has hard water, it is worth having a water softener installed. There are many benefits that you will gain from it.

plumbing fixtures

The Solution

A water softener treats hard water to reduce…

the negative impacts of minerals such as magnesium and calcium. These softening devices’ design create a specific ion exchange that removes positively charged ions. During this exchange, calcium ions turn into crystals. Crystals cannot attach to fixtures, hardware, pipes, or other surfaces. Consequently, the flow of water easily rinses them away. They are neutral, harmless, completely stable, and heat resistant. This process can be done with a model that uses a salt or a salt free water softener system.

 Water Softener Installation: Benefits

water softener in an allentown pennsylvania home

  • When using a water softener, it will prolong the life of your home’s appliances and plumbing pipes. They will not become coated with buildup from calcium and magnesium. Additionally, your water heater will not develop lime deposits.
  • After the installation of a softening device, you can also expect cleaner, shinier plumbing fixtures, tiles, mirrors, glassware, and silverware.
  • You can also enjoy cleaner, softer, smoother skin and hair.
  • Cleaning is always easier after the installation of a water softener. A water softener significantly decreases the buildup of soap scum in bathrooms and kitchens with the elimination of minerals.
  • Clothing is also softer and lasts longer with the removal of hard minerals from your water. This is because fabric has a tendency to trap calcium and magnesium. In addition, white linens and clothing will stay brighter longer.

After considering all the facts, it is easy to see why installing a water softener is a wise course of action for any homeowner.

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Water Softener Allentown PA

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