Signs That Your Water Line Needs Repaired

water line repairFresh water plays a vital role in keeping you and your family safe and healthy. Considering how important water is to your survival, it is necessary to keep your water pipes in good condition. It is also vital to look out for signs that you may need water line repairs or replacement in Parkland. Below are some signs your water lines may be in need of repair.

Loss Of Water Pressure

A sudden reduction in water pressure is an indication that something is seriously wrong with your water lines. The most likely problems may be a rupture or a blockage in your plumbing system. If you notice a reduction in water pressure, call an expert immediately to identify and solve the problem.

High Water Bills

If your water bill suddenly goes up, it is a sure sign that something is wrong. A leak in your main water lines will lead to a hike in your water bill. Do not try to resolve the problem yourself because you do not have the requisite training and experience. Get in touch with an expert to carry out the proper diagnosis and remedial action.

Unexplained Pools Of Water

When water lines develop a rupture or leak, the escaping water usually rises to the surface of the ground. This forms puddles and pools of water on the grounds of your home. If you notice any unexplained pools of water in your yard, call and expert to solve the problem before things get worse.

Other Risk Factors

Apart from the three signs above, your water lines may develop problems due to other factors. These include extreme weather conditions, invasive tree roots, clay soil and the age of the pipes. Below are some ways these factors may cause problems for you.

Extreme Weather Conditions

Very hot summers and very cold winters are bad for your water pipes. The reason is that your water pipes are metal and they expand when temperatures are high. In addition, your water pipes get brittle and may get damaged when the ground freezes. This is why it makes sense to get your pipes checked out in the summer and in the winter.

water line repair

Invasive Tree Roots

Mature trees need water to stay alive and they usually “follow” your water pipes. This causes clogs, ruptures and blocks and may lead to serious problems later. Prune your trees often and ensure that mature trees are not anywhere near your water lines.

Clay soil

The worst soil for your water pipe is clay soil because it is corrosive. It follows that if you live in area with clay soil, you need to pay attention to your water pipes. This way, you will detect a leak or a rupture as soon as it happens and get it fixed.

The Age Of Your Pipes

As water pipes get older, the need for repair increases. If your pipes are old, it pays to have them assessed for both major and minor repairs. In cases where these pipes cannot be repaired, the best option is replacement.

Final Word

call a plumberYou want your water pipes to work properly so get them checked out by an expert. Take care of your water pipes and they will last long and function effectively.

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