Why Is My Water Heater Leaking?

image of water heater repair services in Easton PAAccording to the Insurance Information Institute (III), homeowner losses related to water damage reached $7,958 billion for the period spanning 2010-2014. These losses usually stem from leakages that are remain unresolved over a considerable period. For this reason, it is wise to contact a professional plumber immediately after noticing that your water heater is leaking. This article will cover issues that could cause water leakage.

Excess Pressure

Excess pressure build up inside your water heating tank can cause water to leak. In most cases, extreme pressure leads to failure of a water tank part — such as the wall and water pipe connection points. This problem will occur if your heater’s pressure relief valve is not working as expected. Setting the temperature of your water heater too high or pumping in water at high pressure can also lead to pressure buildup inside your water heater.

Water Inlet And Outlet Connections

Failures around water inlet and outlet connections can lead to water leakage. Due to this, it is wise to check both connections carefully and tighten any loose connections with a suitable pipe wrench. In cases where replacement of entire pipe sections is necessary, it is advisable to hire an experienced plumber. According to the National Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspectors, maintenance and repair tasks related to pressurized containers require the expertise of experienced professionals. This is necessary to reduce the risk of faulty repairs that could cause serious problems including explosions later.

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Drain Valve

Besides the water inlet/outlet, the drain valve is another common source of water heater leakage. Evaluating this valve can be tricky because it is usually located at the bottom of the water tank. This is where a professional plumber would come in handy.


Condensation forming on the walls of your water heater unit can drip onto the floor leading you to conclude that there is a leakage when the opposite is true. Luckily, you can resolve this problem by wiping water puddles that form on the floor. Condensation mostly occurs when there are substantial temperature differences between a water heater’s inner and outer surface. A good example is when cold water flows into a water tank when the surrounding temperature is high.

Old Tank

Water heaters become prone to corrosion and rusting over time, which in turn leads to water leakage. In such a case, the standard practice is to replace the old tank with a new one that complies with energy efficiency standards/regulations such as the Energy Star initiative. This approach makes financial sense because old heaters tend to consume a lot of energy leading to high power bills. What’s more, maintenance and repair costs normally rise over time meaning keeping such a tank is costly. It is also worth noting most states provide tax credits to property owners who install energy efficient appliances.

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Water Heater Repair Easton PA

A leaky water heater should be repaired immediately to prevent further leakage. Hire a professional plumber to carry out maintenance and repair tasks. This notwithstanding, common causes of water heater leakage include pressure buildup, condensation, as well as failure of water inlet/outlet connections. Repairing or installing a water heater on your own is dangerous. When your water heater starts acting up, contact Robinson Plumbing. Our certified, friendly, and experienced plumbers can get your water heater in working order quickly and affordably.

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