Pennsylvania Schools Are Rich in Education, Including Upper Saucon

Upper Saucon and Center Valley schools provide an enriching education for students throughout their school career. From preschool and nursery schools, to kindergarten through 8th grade schools, and finally high schools, these townships are committed to helping students achieve and surpass minimal expectations.

Upper Saucon

Situated in the southeastern part of Pennsylvania’s Lehigh County, Upper Saucon Township is about sixty miles from the city center of Philadelphia. The towns in Upper Saucon include Center Valley, Allentown, Bethlehem, and Easton. This rural-area portion of Pennsylvania provides a nice landscape and lots of space for both young and not-so-young citizens to explore and develop interpersonal and individualized skills. Moreover, the education system in Upper Saucon schools helps students to discover their specific skills and put them into real-world practice.

Center Valley

Center Valley, Pennsylvania is located within Upper Saucon Township and contains schools that adhere to the surrounding areas standards of excellence and success. The rural feel of the town combined with the easy and efficient access to metropolitan areas makes Center Valley a pleasant place to live as well as receive a high-quality education that will carry citizens throughout their lives.

Schools That Serve

Educational institutions in Upper Saucon and Center Valley, Pennsylvania are aimed at serving students and their families with a top-notch education. In order to provide this, Upper Saucon and Center Valley schools employ only the most qualified and highly certified educators and administrators to teach and guide students of all ages and backgrounds. This article will take a look at some of the schools in this area.

Hopewell Elementary School

Hopewell Elementary School is located in Center Valley and is dedicated to their mission of educating learning students today so they can take advantage of tomorrow’s opportunities. This school for young learners uses educational field trips, a library, and Parent-Teacher Association, and school activities to keep student engaged and stimulated. Activities for elementary students include Hopewell cares, in which students participate in community involvement in order to broaden their horizons; a Healthy Family Toolkit for making smart nutritional and physical activity choices; and a computer lab that allows students to use an effective medium to further their learning experience.

Southern Lehigh Middle School

This educational facility enriches the lives of middle school students through a literacy center, parent teacher group, and student activities. Endeavors for middle school students include Spartan Enterprises, in which students participate in a real-world business in order to gain insight and career preparation; student newspaper, student council, National Junior Honor Society, and orchestra and band. Having a well-rounded list of activities is crucial in the development of students at this age, and the middle school excels in providing all students needs to achieve.

Southern Lehigh High School

Upper Saucon and Center Valley schools include the high school, where students come into their own character and personality and are encouraged to try new things and accept others. Students participate in summer assignments, graduation projects, and various activities. For example, athletics, speech and debate, politics, diversity, and robotics are some of the student groups available at Southern Lehigh High School.