The Dangers Of Hiring An Unlicensed Plumber

hiring a licensed plumberYou’ve probably been tempted to hire a handyman to fix your plumbing problem. These cowboys are available immediately. Their fees undercut a licensed plumber’s hourly rate. When a job looks so easy, you nearly tackle it yourself; but don’t be fooled: a leaky faucet or any plumbing issue is rarely that simple.

A Plumber Knows

After years of training and experience, a trained plumber recognizes a job that looks easy to fix but is complicated under the surface. He earned the right to display his license on the wall of his office after at least 2 years of education, more if he is a Master Plumber. This professional carries the right tools to investigate and complete your job. He’ll never say “this will have to do” wielding duct tape and a screwdriver for everything the way an unlicensed plumber might.

ESP: Extra Sensory Plumber

Looking at a leak or plans for a new bathroom, a householder can’t see what the trained eye can spot: problems and challenges for the future. An unlicensed plumber only sees the surface. Having learned about hazards and likely drawbacks of certain systems at training college and on the job, the skilled and licensed individual can tell you what is probably going on before seeing your entire warren of pipes. He will predict the likely outcome of ignoring an issue or treating it in various ways. The more experienced he is, the more likely his predictions are correct.

Self-Respect, Customer Care

plumbing servicesWhen a handyman comes to your door seeking work, he’s trying to make a fast buck. He holds no license, no insurance, and feels no guilt about taking your money regardless of the quality of his work. As he hitches a ride to the next town seeking more hapless homeowners, you pay for a real plumber to fix what he broke plus the original problem which is currently causing puddles in your basement.

A real plumber’s reputation is his best advertising; making you happy is essential to his livelihood. He takes pride in completing work fully and effectively. If he’s truly local, this professional contractor cares because he knows his clients personally.

Take Caution

If you still think hiring a handyman to do a plumber’s job is a good idea, keep these facts in mind:

  • you’ll have to pay medical bills if he is injured on the job
  • home insurance won’t cover damage caused by the efforts of unlicensed individuals
  • expect to pay the handyman, a plumber, and a state fine for hiring an unlicensed, uninsured plumber


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