Rooter Service: Roots And Your Plumbing

One of the most important residential plumbing services today is removal of roots that find their way into drainage systems, especially sewer lines. This is a job for a rooter service, which is basically a plumbing service that specializes in root removal. Rooters have special equipment they use to remove roots from drains and clear clogged sewer lines. Over the years, the term Rooter Service has come to mean a plumbing service that not only removes roots from drainage systems, but also unclogs blocked drains.

How Roots Clog Drains

It is important to note that root problems are not as common in plumbing systems today as they used to be a few decades ago. This is because new buildings have modern plumbing systems, which use materials that are almost impermeable. Initially, porous materials, such as concrete pipes, were used to assemble drainage systems and sewer lines. Since plants growing on the ground look for rich sources of nutrients in the ground, their roots usually find their way onto the surface of porous sewer lines and start digging into the tiny holes to get access to the nutrients within the pipe. Cracks and loose joints in sewer lines also make great entryways for roots. Over time, the roots increase in number and size, thereby clogging the sewer lines completely. As a result, all the drains in the house, including the kitchen sink, bathroom, bathtub and toilet will be clogged, and may start to overflow with continued use.
The best remedy for this type of problem is calling-in a rooter service to remove the roots and clear the drains to ensure smooth flow of liquid waste from the house to the main sewer lines or septic tank.


Why Hire a Rooter Service

While most people have the habit of calling a plumbing service when they have a plumbingRooter Service
problem at hand, this should not be the case. Plumbers, especially plumbing firms offering rooter service, should be hired to carry out mintenance works on the home’s drainage system. Great plumbers can identify leakages in the sewer lines and carry out the necessary repairs before the drainage system gets clogged. This may involve replacement of collapsed sections and removal of roots before they clog the system. Regular maintenance of sewer lines can help to prevent frequent breakdowns and clogging of drains, thereby saving you money in the long term. When looking for a rooter service, be sure to give strong consideration to experienced firms that charge reasonable rates. Reputable firms usually offer high quality services, so they should be given preference over firms with a tainted past.

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