How Trees Affect Your Plumbing Pipes

how tree roots can affect your plumbingTrees not only add beauty and shade to the landscape, but also act as windbreakers. Unfortunately, the roots of large trees are notorious for extensively damaging plumbing pipes. Homeowners need to learn how the damage occurs and how to remedy the situation. In this article, we will discuss what causes roots to go into your system and what you can do about it.

The Root Cause Of The Problem

Naturally, trees growing in your yard will seek a source of water. Most tree species have extensive root networks comprised of strong stems. And if left undisturbed, the roots will often turn to the plumbing system in search of water. If water flowing inside sewer pipes releases vapor into surrounding soil, the roots will be attracted to this vapor.

With time, they’ll eventually locate the pipe and start to grow around weak points. When they inevitably find their way into the pipes, the roots will continue to grow within. As the space fills with numerous root hairs, any solid and semi-solid waste flowing through your sewer will be caught. The result is minimal flow and slowed drains, which eventually results in serious blockages.

With time, the pipes will completely collapse, thus requiring repair or replacement. Generally, clay pipes are more vulnerable to root damage than PVC pipes. Still, any cracked pipe or one that has a loose joint provides an ideal source of moisture for tree roots to follow.

Symptoms Of Tree Root Damage

professional plumber alburtis PA removing tree roots from plumbing pipeBecause plumbing pipes are usually concealed underground, it’s hard to catch a tree root problem before any damage occurs. That said, homeowners need to watch out for a few warning signs:

Slow-flowing drains: the best way to watch for slow-flowing drains is in the bathroom. If your toilet bowl emits a gurgling noise after flushing, it means that your drains aren’t flowing properly. This in turn indicates the early stages of blockage in your plumbing pipes. If you live in an older home, the likelihood of such an occurrence is much higher.

Blockages and collapsed pipes: if you’re facing a severely blocked toilet, then yours is a more advanced issue. Because the problem could be much bigger than just a clogged pipe, it would be advisable to seek help from a professional plumber as soon as you can.

Severe root intrusion that isn’t rectified early enough will, in the end, cause the plumbing pipe to collapse completely. This kind of extensive damage will require replacement of pipes within the sewer network. All interfering roots and blockages will have to be removed. The plumber can use special pipe lining to protect against root intrusion in future.

If you suspect that tree roots could be growing into your pipes, don’t hesitate to contact your plumber. They’ll have the expertise and tools required to properly handle the issue. Besides, they’ll also recommend helpful protective measures to avoid further damage.

Preventing Tree Root Problems

Before planting anything in your yard, you should always ensure you’ve identified where sewer lines are located. This will help you avoid planting any potentially harmful trees and shrubs too close to plumbing pipes. For more help, you can consult your plumber.

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Professional Plumber Alburtis PA

When your home has drainage problem due to tree roots, the problem will only get worse. They can damage your pipes and entire plumbing system. Waste and other debris can get caught in your pipes. Roots in your plumbing pipes can even cause your plumbing pipes to collapse. Be sure that when you have slow flowing drains, deal with it immediately.  You can address the issue more easily when you catch it early on.

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