What Is The Banging Sound In My Water Pipes?

homeowner who needs pressure reducing valve installation in Coplay PAHave you been hearing some noises coming from your plumbing water pipes? Are you wondering what these noises are, what is causing them, and how to solve them? Well, today is your lucky day. In this article, we will discuss these noises. The banging sound in your water pipes is a water hammer. They are more common than you might realize. You will normally hear them when you turn off your faucet.
The water hammer effect occurs when the direction of the flowing water is suddenly changed. This happens when you turn off the faucet. The sudden change of momentum causes a buildup of pressure waves. The pressure waves result in the noises that you hear. In extreme cases, they can cause serious damage to the pipe. Below are some of the ways of solving this problem:

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Solving Water Hammer Problems

1. Install Pressure Reducing Valves

As mentioned earlier, one of the causes of a water hammer effect is the buildup of pressure in the pipes. One way to avoid this buildup is by installing water pressure regulators or valves in your plumbing system. This valve needs to be installed at the point where the main water supply enters your home. At this point, a single valve will work better than installing multiple air chambers. A pressure reducing valve will also protect the damage that is caused by the buildup of pressure in toilets, showers, and dishwashers. Additionally, not only does it damage your plumbing fixtures, the buildup of pressure above 100 psi will void your warranties. Therefore, you will have to pay more to replace your plumbing appliances. When a pressure reducing valve is installed in your home, make sure that it is calibrated to 50 PSI or below. This is the water pressure of normal running water.

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2. Install An Air Chamber

Another way of solving a water hammer is by installing air chambers. A pipe that is installed in a vertical position is called an air chamber. It is located next to the water valve in the wall cavity. An air chamber works by preventing water from generating waves in the pipe. Furthermore, it is advisable to install these chambers at critical locations all over your home. There are a number of ways to confirm that these chambers are working correctly. You can do this by following steps:

  • Turn off the main water valve.
  • Go to the faucet located at the highest point of the building and turn it on.
  • Turn on the faucet located at the lowest point of the building. Doing this empties all pipes of water. Air will fill the pipes and it replaces the water. This fills all of the air chambers.
  • When the lowest faucet stops removing water, turn it off.
  • Open the main valve.
  • Air will push out of the air chamber and the horizontal pipes. The air will sputter as it exits the open faucets. Some air will remain in the air chambers, preventing the water hammer.

3. Install Mechanical Water Arrestors

Water arrestors are units with an air bladder and a spring. They both absorb the movement of water which, in turn, prevents the water hammer. Install mechanical water arrestors in locations where it is not possible to install air chambers.

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Pressure Reducing Valve Installation Coplay PA

The water hammer effect is a great nuisance especially in an environment where peace and quiet is required. Therefore, make sure you contact a plumbing professional for all repairs and maintenance.

No one wants to hear their water pipes banging. Furthermore, no one wants to pay to replace their water fixtures due to the damage that the water hammer caused. Contact Robinson Plumbing today to solve your water hammer issues. Our plumbing services are friendly, affordable, clean, and highly skilled. For a list of our plumbing services, click here.

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