Plumbing Issues: DIY Or Call A Pro?

DIY or call a plumberWhen faced with a plumbing problem, you could be forced to decide between getting an expensive bill for plumbing services and having water all over the floors or attempt to do it yourself. A number of homeowners are willing to save money and use the wealth of information available online to tackle their own plumbing problems. While this is admirable, plumbing repairs can be tricky. There is very little margin for error; therefore, you must prepare ahead of time. It is also important to know which glitches you can take on as a DIY project and which ones require a professional.

Reduced Water Flow

If all that remains in your sink is a mere trickle, check the water division in your town to determine if it is caused by an issue with the local supply. If the problem is with your plumbing system, debris or mineral scale could be causing a blockage. Unscrew the aerator screen of the faucet and thoroughly clean it. If necessary, unblock the holes with the point of a pin. If the water pressure is still slow call a plumber.

Dripping Faucet

Nowadays, faucets typically do not contain a washer that can easily be removed and replaced as a quick DIY assignment. This could complicate the task of fixing a leaky one. It is likely that a lot of modern sinks are sealed with ceramic plates. In this case, hiring a professional would be the best thing to do.

Burst Pipe

If a major pipe bursts and is flooding your home, quickly turn the water off at the source. Immediately contact your homeowners’ insurance company via their emergency number. Ask for the plumbing services of an authorized plumbing contractor to promptly repair the damage. In this situation you could void your insurance coverage by attempting a DIY repair.

Clogged Toilet

 plumbing servicesHaving a clogged toilet can be very irritating and as such, even the most basic tool kits should have one. When there is a clog, flushing repeatedly will create more mess. Therefore, just find the flapper valve in the tank and close it and then vigorously plunge the toilet until the water starts to drain. If you opt to use drain cleaners, ensure that they are not overly caustic as this could damage the pipes. Call a plumber if your efforts prove futile.
If your DIY skills are not up to par and you could make the situation worse, just leave the task of making plumbing repairs up to the professionals.

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