The Importance Of Finding Your Water Shutoff Valves

image of water leak in plumbing in bethlehem paIf you find a major leak in your household plumbing, immediately contacting a plumber is likely the first thing that comes to mind. However, if your home is flooding due to major water leaks or other problems, shutting off your home’s main water valve is the very first action you must take. Below are some facts that will help you locate water valves quickly and stop excessive damage until a plumbing professional arrives.

Well Water

Depending on whether your water source is municipal or private, there are several possibilities for turning off the water supply. If the latter comes from a private well, you must first locate your pressure tank. Older tanks are steel. Modern tanks are blue.

The shutoff valve is located on the pipe that goes from the tank to the home. Simply turning this valve immediately eliminates well water flow to the dwelling. However, when the shutoff valve is located on the opposite side of the tank, on the pipe leading away from the tank, to the natural water source, the pressure in the tank must bleed down. This needs to happen before the water will stop.

You can speed this process by opening all outside hose faucets. In rare cases, the shutoff valve is inoperable. This happens when the property is quite old. These types of home never had a shutoff valve installed outside. In this case, your only choice is to go to your breaker panel and turn off the well pump’s power source.

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Municipal Water

main water shut off valveWhen the plumbing in your dwelling is from a municipal source, a meter controls the water supply. The meter is located near the front sidewalk or curb. When you find it, carefully remove the lid. Check for insects or spiders. They almost always gather inside here.

The meter has two sides, one for the city and one for property owners. The homeowner’s side generally features a manual shutoff valve. Turn this valve clockwise until it stops, which should completely halt the water flow.

When no hand-operated shutoff valve is found, you must use the city’s side. However, this requires a meter key. This is sometimes called a long-handled plumbing wrench. It can be purchased at most hardware stores. Although some municipal water companies prefer that homeowners not purchase such keys, in reality they are necessary in certain cases and it is wise to have one in your possession.

You will see an obvious place where you can insert the key into the meter. Turn it and line up the holes. You have successfully shut off the water. When you are unable to locate the water meter, get in touch with your local water company immediately. Ask them for instructions.


Individual Shut Off Valves

It is also important to locate individual shutoff valves in your home. You will find your sink valves directly beneath the sink. Commode valves are easy to spot as well. You will find them attached to the water line coming from the wall.
Shower and tub valves are sometimes not as easy to find. You will find the shower and tub valves located inside the walls. To access them, you will need to remove hardware like face plates.

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It is in the best interest of all homeowners to find shutoff valves in case a plumbing emergency occurs. If you need more information or cannot locate these valves, contact a plumbing professional for assistance.

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