General Information About Schools And Education In Palmer, Pennsylvania

The town of Palmer in Pennsylvania is in the Easton district in Northampton County.

The town of Palmer’s’ school district, was accredited by the Pennsylvania Department of education as well as Middle States Association of colleges and secondary schools, for delivering a quality education to their students. This district provides education to 9,200 students and counting. There is two middle schools, one high school and seven elementary schools in this district. There is also an alternative education school for children that are struggling with their grades or are at risk of dropping out. The alternative school is great for children struggling with schooling to have a chance to do better with their education.

Elementary School Options for Palmer P.A.

Palmer Elementary SchoolAlthough Palmer Elementary is for the residents in the town of Palmer, their are other elementary schools in the school district that the town of Palmer is including Easton, Forks Elementary, Lower Mount Bethel and the town of Palmer are all part of the same school district. Their is Forks Elementary, Edward Tracy Elementary, Francis A. March Elementary and the Ada Cheston school, all in the same district as Palmer Elementary. The Paxinosa and The Shawnee Elementary schools are in the Easton School District as well.

Middle School options for Palmer P.A.

The Middle School Campus was originally called Shawnee Middle School. Although the Easton District recognizes its number of middle schools as two, there is actually one middle school separated into two sections. The first section of the middle school Campus is divided into grades 5-6. The second section is divided into grades 7-8. This is why the middle school is referred to as a campus. The middle School Campus is where Palmer residents would attend grade 5 all the way up to 8.

High School Options for Palmer P.A.

The high school for Palmer residents is located right in the township of Palmer. The school is called The Easton high school. It is a public high school that goes from grades 9-12. In 2010 Easton high had an amazing graduation rate of 86.71%. Each student must earn 28 credits in order to graduate in the Easton School District. The 28 credits that the students must earn in order to graduate consist of, 4 credits in English, 3 credits in math,3 credits in science, 4 credits in social studies, 2 in arts and humanity and 2 in physical education/health. And there has to be enough electives to acquire 24.5 credits. The high schools colors are red and white and the mascot is the red rover.

Special Education:

The school district that Palmer, P.A. is in offers appropriate programming for students that require special education at no cost to the parents. These programs are in compliance with state and federal law, ensuring fair and beneficial progress in each students education, no matter what there special need may be. There are screening activities to determine what each students specific situation is. If it is determined that special education is needed, the parents will be contacted to arrange special program placement for the student. If a parent thinks their child might require a special education they can request an evaluation by reaching out to someone in the school or by contacting the special education department for the school district of Palmer, Pa.