Palmer Parks: Superb Recreational And Sports Space For 2015 And Beyond

Are you looking for a recreational space for you and your family this year? Well, Palmer parks are exactly what you have looking for. Located in a vast land of approximately 400 acres, this is an ideal space in the town that will prove to be the most appropriate space for you to recreate from. As you will realize herein, there are numerous playgrounds, sports fields, picnic pavilions, and swimming pools that will give you value for your time and money. How many of Palmer parks are we talking about here? To be precise, we are talking about 14 parks.

Interestingly, bike paths for most Palmer parks are located at a serene place away from the mayhem of traffic that mares most motorists. You will definitely enjoy your bike ride along a 12 miles path dedicated to visitors. Let as look at some of the 14 Palmer parks and see for yourself what they have to offer.

Palmer PA Keystone Park1. Keystone Park

This beautifully established park is situated along Tatamy Road near Tracy School. Among the lofty features of the park that are likely to interest you are: three softball fields, restrooms, three soccer fields, space dedicated for children to play from and two lighted courts for volleyball.

2. Briarcliffe Park And Municipal Pool

Are you wondering where you will recline from as a group? Make reservations for yourselves this vacation. The Briarcliffe Park has a swimming pool, two pavilions, one basket ball court, three softball fields, one tennis court and children’s playground among other amenities.

3. Old Orchard

This is one of Palmer parks that is so beautiful. It is located at the west of Mine Lane Rd precisely at 3639 Baldwin Drive. Among the social amenities that make this park unique are: a multipurpose field, a tennis court, a soft ball field, and a basket ball court. The park also has a beautiful open area.

4. LaBarre Park

Do you want a sledding mound? Look no further. This is one place that you will enjoy from. Just located a few feet off 1305 Mine Lane Road, the park also harbors good features that will aid in making your trip a success. They include: restrooms, children’s playground, a softball field and a pavilion.

5. Penn Pump Park

This rustic park is one of the major tourist attraction centers in Palmer. It is situated along 2100 Northwood Avenue at Bushkill Creek. The park is privileged to have among other things, walking paths that will allow you enjoy walking inside the park, picnic tables for visitors, fishing, Bushkill Creek and a pavilion. You can order your reservation every year on the 2nd day of January through Charles Chrin Community Center in Palmer Township.

6. Mill Race Park

Going further northeast of the township is Mill Race Park that is along Bushkill Creek. This park has an environmental area, large pavilion area, four soccer fields, a walking path that will allow you walk through the middle of the park, picnic table just to mention but a few. As stated regarding the preceding park, reservations too can be made on the second day of the first month of the year.

Yes, we only looked at a fraction of Palmer, Pennsylvania parks and what they offer. You can make this and other vacations a success by visiting most of those parks.