Local Parks Convenient To Visit in Macungie

While it may be one of the smallest communities in the entire Lehigh Valley region, Macungie still remains to be home of the best recreation facilities. As a matter of fact, there’s a significant amount of land in this borough intended and devoted for both public and private recreation. Aside from that, every resident in Macungie know that the recreation program of the community is well disclosed to the public.

The first local park in our list is the Macungie Memorial Park. It is a huge one, covering 42 acres to be exact. What makes this local park convenient is that it is located right at the center of the borough. It means you can reach it by walking, regardless of where you’re staying in the borough. Operated and owned by the Macungie Park Association, this public recreation facility houses a collection of many different amenities, including tennis courts, basketball courts, picnic pavilions, swimming pools, ball fields, meeting and banquet rooms, and a gym.

Additionally, this park is renowned for its large area of lawn with trees offering shade. It is a good place for the entire family, a couple, or walking buddies to do some strolling and passive recreation. As for events, those that take place in this park are the August Festival, Antique Auto Show, Antique Truck Show, The Wheels of Time Custom Car Show, Dog Shows, Cruise Nights, and Flea Markets.

Upper Macungie has a fabulous park named, Upper Macungie Park and here is a video that highlights many of the park’s features:

The next local park that you must as well visit in Macungie is Kalmbach Memorial Park. The highlight is its distinctive community center. There is a restored house and barn of Frederick Kalmbach, for which the name of the park is based on. There are several programs offered at the park. For instance, the youth programs emphasize the important of childhood activities that were performed in the past, at the same time providing creative learning opportunities. The purpose of the child-centered programs in the park is to instill respect and positive behavior. Aside from that, the park also has some small meeting places, renovated barn, and an outdoor wooded lecture area. There are trails intended for passive recreation and nature appreciation.

The last local park on this list is the Macungie Flower Park. Described as a passive park, it is found on Main Street and in the center of the borough. This is actually a nice place for anyone looking for a scenic and calm view. There’s a water fountain that highlights the center and it is surrounded by very wonderful flower beds. There are more than ten thousand flowers you can enjoy watching in this park. The fountain is supported by a walk around and benches for that much needed rest and calm. Finally, the other highlight is the old Train Station where you get to see trains pass by and reminisce the old times.

Whether you live in the town of Macungie or just happens to visit, don’t forget to visit these three local parks. They offer wholesome family recreation that you and your kids will certainly enjoy. In fact, you may want to come back for more next time.