Local Events in Macungie to Look Forward To

Living in Macungie is fun. Although this borough is small and less populated compared to its neighbors in the Lehigh Valley region, it is actually quite a busy community. There are several interesting local events to look forward to. And if you’re interested, read on…

  • Macungie InstituteIf you and your family are fond of music, you can wait for the Valley Music Together, which takes place at the Macungie Institute. The sessions happen during Tuesdays and Thursdays. But be reminded that this is a morning session.
  • For your kids meanwhile, there is a private piano instruction held at the Community Music School. The classes are done during Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons.
  • Are you in for a healthy gathering of friends in Macungie? If so, the Sahaja Yoga Meditation is a good start. You can achieve physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental balance while at the same time enjoy doing it with friends. It happens during Wednesday starting at 6 pm. The best thing about this weekly local event is that it is always free and everyone is invited.
  • During the holiday season, Macungie has this traditional Holiday Lighting in the Flower Park. There are light refreshments and some good music, too.
  • Now if you are looking for a tour instead, how about the American Music Theatre Christmas Show Bust Tour? This is an all-day tour perfect for the family. The usual charge is $93 for each participant.
  • Furthermore, you can go to the Community Blood Drive in Macungie Institute in order donate blood for a cause. It’s a good thing to do if you wish to help others in need of it. But make a donation appointment first when you decide to donate.
  • For test-taking strategies and content areas linked to sections of SAT and ACT, there are CRAM Courses at Macungie Institute starting from 6 pm to 8 pm. This is offered by Christianson Tutorials. These classes are designed to provide students the necessary exposure they need in taking the exams in the future.
  • For an evening with clairvoyant medium, the Macungie Institute likewise offers “Whispers from Beyond.” There’s a need for registration for this event, starting from 5 pm to 11 pm.
  • For Easter events and celebrations, there will be egg decorating fun that usually takes place in Macungie Memorial Park starting at 9 am. In connection to that, there will be an Easter Bunny Photos showcase which takes place in Flower Park. It is an event conceptualized by the Town Beautification Committee. And to wrap it up, an Easter egg hunt will proceed and will be held at the Macungie Memorial Park.

Finally, you can expect several live music nights, concerts, and cruise nights all year round in this interesting borough in the heart of the Lehigh Valley region. You see, Macungie, PA is actually more than just a traditional borough. You’ll definitely have all the fun you can get when you visit. You might even decide of staying for good.