Is Your Water Bill Higher Than Normal?

If your water bill has suddenly increased despite water usage/consumption patterns remaining the same, do not brush it off as a one off event. In other words, you should investigate the cause of the abnormally high readings to avoid practically throwing money away every month. Here are some of the common plumbing problems that could inflate your water bill:

Faulty toilet tank shut-off valve

A properly working shut-off valve should prevent¬†water from filling toilet tank until it drains via overflow tube. With this in mind, find out if your toilet tank’s overflow tube is continuously leaking water. If this is the case, repair or replace shut off valve. Do not attempt to change shut-off valve if your DIY skills are spotty. Hire a reputable plumbing services provider to do so.

Frequent lawn sprinkler use

The use of water to keep lawns green in some US states has become a divisive topic with climatologists weighing to warn California may be experiencing a mega drought that could go on for years if not decades. For homeowners in such a state, constant use of lawn sprinklers could be the main cause of high water bills. To cut such expenses, you can either install an artificial turf or use water recycled from the bathroom and toilet to water your lawn or garden.



Leaky toilet tank flapper

Water WasteAnother likely problem is a leaky toilet tank flapper. The work of this flapper is to allow or prevent water flow from tank into bowl depending on toilet’s flushing state. In a scenario where it is leaking, it allows water to continuously flow into bowl even without flushing action. If your toilet has a similar problem, you should replace the faulty flapper with a new one. It does not make sense to hire a plumber to repair existing and faulty flapper because replacement parts are very cheap.

Broken water pipe

One or multiple pipes that distribute water throughout your home could be the source of this problem. According to figures published by the City of Cayce in South Carolina, a water pipe with a hole that can fit a regular sewing needle could leak 300 gallons of water per day, which translates to about 10,800 gallons per month. So long as this loss occurs inside your home, you have to pay because water distribution authorities assume you are responsible for or aware of increased water usage.


Some of the common plumbing problems that could inflate your water bill include broken water pipes, faulty toilet tank shut-off valve, increased lawn sprinkler use, and faulty toilet tank flapper.

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