Is It Time To Replace My Water Heater?

Water heaters are some of the most important household appliances in countries that experience extreme winter. They provide hot water for bathing and washing, so life can be very inconvenient when your heater malfunctions on a regular basis. Imagine ice-cold water hitting your back when you expect to have a hot shower. The experience can be traumatizing. To prevent this from happening, you need to have the faulty water heater effectively repaired or replaced. While a plumbing expert may be able to easily decide whether to replace or repair the heater, the average homeowner may not be able to make the decision easily. For this reason, the following is a list of signs that you need to replace your water heater.

It’s Over 10 Years Old

If your water heater is over a decade old, you probably need to replace it. Instead of paying for costly repairs, consider saving up to buy a new water heater, which can be up to 20% more efficient. In addition to giving you peace of mind and making life more convenient, the new unit will also save you a significant amount of money every month. However, you can still continue to use it until you buy and install the new heater.

Frequent Breakdowns

The best indications that you need to replace the water heater in your house are frequent breakdowns. Water heaters do not have many moving parts, so they should not be breaking down on a regular basis. In fact, the only time, the system should not be functioning is during routine maintenance. If your water heater breaks down frequently, it may simply be time to replace it, especially if it is almost a decade old, or older.

 Leaking Water Tank

If the base of the tank always leaks water, the metal may have been worn out over time. The only solution would be to replace the water heater. While you may try to plug the leaks and continue using the water heater, the problem will recur especially if the unit is over 10 years old.

Replacing Your Water Heater

Plumbing PipesBefore purchasing a new water heater, it is important to assess your needs. Since your hot water needs may have changed over the years, be sure to install a heating system that can meet your needs in a cost effective manner. For instance, if your family has grown, you need to buy a heater that can accommodate at least 50 gallons of water. On the other hand, you may want to consider getting a smaller water heater if the kids have moved out of the house. Whatever the case, be sure to hire the most reputable plumbing company to carry out proper installation.

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