What To Do When You Have A Slow Draining Bathtub

Is your bathtub clogged? Well then it can be a real mess with the slow draining unclean water. It will not only leave stains on your bathtub but also make it very unhygienic. With a slow draining bathtub, it is no more in a condition to be used properly. So what can be done if you are having a clog in your bathtub? There are quite a few ways that you can find handy. The first thing that will come to mind is calling up the plumber. But there are many times when a plumber is not available immediately and they are definitely an expensive option to consider in the first place.

So here are some tips that you may find handy for yourself and get your bathtub clog free:

One of the basic things for clogging and slow draining in a bathtub is the deposition of hair, soap, dirt and gunk. In most of the cases a clog can be fixed by removing the deposition from underneath the drain hole. To open the drain hole you will need a drop stopper. The stopper can be put on the mouth of the drain and when slowly turned it locks and lifts up the drain and opens the drain. Now you can very easily wash or remove the depositions from the drain inside and clean it with fresh water until the water runs down smoothly. This is the easiest solutions for making your clogged bathtub work again. Clogging can also be removed using chemicals. Chemicals can be drained inside the drain hole which breaks and frees the deposition inside making a clear passage for the water to run in. But chemicals are very harmful and can damage the porcelain of the bathtub making it coarse and rough. It also damages the nickel of the tub drain and traps.

However, not always the problem is just deposition. It can be many other things and can also be a plumbing defect too. At times if you have a old plumbing equipment, then it can break and rust and get the drain clogged. If you are not sure what to do about it then you need a plumber to check that out for you. The old equipments may need a repair or replacement too. Sometimes a linkage may get dislocated and cause the water to drain very slowly. You can open the drain, adjust it and then again insert the linkage back to make a smooth removal of water in the drain.

A lot of times it also happens that you can see a tuft of hair causing the water to drain slowly. It that cases you can use a thin screw driver to bring the tuft out and give way to the water. It is definitely the handiest solution for unclogging a drain. So now if you have a slow draining bathtub, then you know what to do; check the problem and then call for action. But if you are not willing to get your hands dirty then you can fix up an appointment with your plumber.