How To Fix Leaky Faucets

Could you be experiencing water bills that are a little higher than usual in the recent past, have you had issues with wet and messy surfaces in your kitchen or bathroom and are forced to have rags to keep them dry? Well, this might be as a result of leaky faucets. The situation may get worse in the event that the rate of the leak is high and no one is around and goes undetected. In some cases, water leaks have been associated to causing huge damages to homes as they may even lead to electrical faults which in turn cause fires. However, when one is equipped with the basic knowledge on how to fix such situations the risk is reduced.

Much as it might be argued that repairing leaky faucets is a plumber’s job, some of this faults are minor and easy to go about even without the professional skills. This is only attainable if one has the right tools for executing the same. Faucets as well as many of the devices in the water supplying systems are fixed using nuts and screws. This, therefore, means that a screwdriver, a pliers , plumber’s grease and a wrench which is adjustable plus several unused washers are imperative in your tool box at home. These are common tools that are readily available in the market.

Once you have identified the specific faucet that is leaking and have the tools ready, it is always advisable to turn off the water that runs to the that faucet and empty the water inside the faucet. This allows you time and space to carefully identify the possible cause of the problem. At this point, you should begin by checking for any loose nuts as this might just be the cause of the whole problem. Depending on which type of faucet you have, that is, compression, cartridge, ball or ceramic-disk faucets, a number of things might need to be replaced.

These replacements may include worn out washers, for the ball and compression faucets, rings for the cartridge type and seals for the ceramic-disk faucets. All this should be done with a lot of care as simple mistakes like breakages may mean the replacement of the faucets not to mention the financial implications. In case one has dismembered the various parts of the system, ensure every single part falls to place as it were before. Once the faulty parts have been replaced, begin the careful process of reassembling the whole unit after which you turn on the water at the valve and check for any dripping,this might just be the end of the leaky faucets

Much as fixing leaky faucets may not necessarily require a professional hand, it is not always guaranteed that you will get it right. This is especially so when the faucet leak worsens after your own trial of fixing the same. In this case then, you are advised to get in touch with your plumber who would give it that professional approach it requires. After an accurate assessment of the situation , the plumber should advise on the best solution including replacement of the faucet.