Spend Quality Time At Any Of The Hanover Township Parks

Do you want to fully enjoy your vacation with lots of discounts under the most conducive environment like never before? If you do, from where will you? Well, it is in Hanover Township Northampton County. The town offers both residents are foreigners with splendid 12 different parks to enjoy their vacation from at pocket friendly packages.

Below, we will talk about a few that will definitely stir up your urge prompting you to book for a reservation the soonest possible. As we speak some of the Hanover parks, be keen to point at the most preferred social amenity so that when making a decision on which park to visit, you accord one the priority based on what amenities it has.

Hanover Township Parks1. Municipal Park

This is the largest of all the Hanover parks. It covers a vast area of about 65.3 acres. It is in the heart of Hanover Township. Perhaps this is the reason why many visitors both local and international find it easier to access the park Municipal park is home of many things and houses such as the municipal building, Lions Pavilion, a pool and a community center. Among other recreational facilities are: tennis and volleyball courts, soccer field, biking pathway, a lacrosse field and 15 passive recreational benches.

2. Birchwood Park

This is a rather quiet passive recreational park that is situated in a serene neighborhood of Stafore Estates. From the community center, the park is only ΒΌ a mile away.

3. Pharo Park

Do you have children aged between 2 and 10 years? The best place for you to enjoy your vacation with them from is at the Pharo Park. Sited on a 2.3 acre piece of land, it has some of the most sort recreational facilities for children. Additionally, the park has a pathway that will allow you walk through to the park. Besides, it has other facilities as benches, tennis courts, hand ball wall and a softball field.

4. Village View Park

You can not talk of Hanover parks without the mention of Village View Park. Although at the moment the park does not have many facilities, its 21 acres will be transformed into many playing fields and ample parking to accommodate her visitors.

5. Armed Services Park

As the name suggests, this is a small park worthy your visit. It has been reserved and dedicated to those diligent men and women who sacrificed their efforts to serve the US in all branches of military. Interestingly, there are six benches set within the park for these heroes and heroines. There is also a flag of each military segment that has been flown to celebrate their hard work in the US military. Is this not the best way to celebrate their service? Yes it is.

There are many more Hanover Township parks to explore.