Emmaus Schools and Education

Emmaus High SchoolThe school district in Emmaus, Pennsylvania hosts slightly over 8,000 students and has slightly under 1,000 staff members. Within the district there are 10 schools:

  • High Schools:Emmaus High SchoolPrincipal- David PiperatoAssistant Principal- Andrea Edmonds
  • Middle Schools:Eyer Middle SchoolPrincipal- Michael KellyAssistant Principal- Erin Murphy
  • Lower Macungie Middle SchoolPrincipal- Suzanne VincentAssistant Principal- Rodd Luckenbill
  • Elementary/Kindergarten:Alburtis ElementaryPrincipal- Ron Renaldi
  • Jefferson ElementaryPrincipal- Cheryl Scalzo
  • Lincoln ElementaryPrincipal- Jaqueline Attinello
  • Macungie ElementaryPrincipal- James Best
  • Shoemaker ElementaryPrincipal- Lynn Brinckman
  • Wescosville ElementaryPrincipal- Tara Desederio
  • Willow Lane ElementaryPrincipal-Anthony Moyer

Kindergarten takes place on a half a day basis. The program is designed for the readiness of elementary school along with teaching the most basic building blocks in math, reading, social studies, etc. The main goal for kindergarten in the school district is to develop an early work ethic and the beginnings of social growth.
Elementary School is for grades 1-5. The curriculum provides the further development of basic subjects introduced in kindergarten like math, reading, language skills, and social studies, as well as newly introduced learning areas like fitness , art, and music. By grade 3 students are administered standardized tests.

By middle school students are continuing to develop their core curriculum, as well as taking electives in art and music. Middle school marks the beginning for students to have a chance to take honors classes to challenge themselves and show increased proficiency in certain subject areas.

In high school students begin to prepare for life after school. Besides the core curriculum,student must take electives in varying fields like computer science, consumer science, technology education, wellness, etc. Students in high school through electives and the core curriculum begin to find the types of subjects they feel most proficient in and can possibly pursue after high school. Students can choose to join a technical institute for a more hands on experience in fields that are not normally available at the high school.

  • Advance Placement Classes: 20
  • Honors Classes: 23
  • Varsity Sports: 22
  • Junior Varsity Sports: 12

Key Faculty:

  • Michael Shilder- Superintendent of Schools
  • Janine Allen: Board Secretary/ Executive Assistant to Superintendent
  • Denise M. Torma: Assistant Superintendent
  • Annete Stolte: Technical Assistant

Of all the teacher faculty in the district over 80% have a masters degree.

Guidance counselors are available in every school and are key in the growth of a students career, learning, and personal growth. Along with counseling, a wide range of services in special education is available. Students with varying disabilities have an opportunity to keep on track in education while receiving the needed resources.

A useful tool is accessible for both parents and students called the parent portal. Users can keep track of grades and individual assignments as well as keep in contact with teachers. Schools encourage using the new resources made available by technology and the internet. With it, schools and homes stay connected.

There is an impressive 94% graduation rate which is better than the state average of 88%. Besides a very high graduation rate, the district has an 82% rate of students pursuing higher education. The area is seeing both a growth in the community as well as a growth in local business. An increase of the local area’s quality will lead to an expected growth of the Emmaus, PA school district.