Visit Emmaus, PA for a Unique Experience

Emmaus, PA is the place to go if you are looking for a unique experience. American history buffs will have a great time savoring the rich heritage of the town. But those who love to immerse themselves in colonial architecture will also have an unforgettable experience in Emmaus, PA. Aside from the historical significance of Emmaus, another reason to visit is to have an idea why Emmaus is considered as one of the safest communities in the United States.

Moravian Church in Emmaus PAThe Emmaus Moravian Church

Do you ever wondered how present day America came to be? Nation building was made possible through the work of immigrants. But immigrants from Europe and other parts of the world did not only arrive to the New World armed with specific talents and attributes. They also came with their religion. The Emmaus Moravian Church is one of the best examples of what religious fervor and architectural talent can produce. Aside from the beautiful structure of the church building, tourists will be pleased to know that the original bell that was hung on the belfry in the year 1790 was manufactured in the workshop of Samuel Park in the year 1788. He is the same person who created the iconic U.S. Liberty Bell.

The 1803 House at 55 South Keystone Avenue, Emmaus, PA

Tourists will definitely enjoy the beautifully restored Georgian-style residence. Jacob Ehrenhart was one of the founding fathers of the town. But he died at an early age. However, his legacy lives on and his son built this house in 1803 to honor his memory.

The Shelter House

Another important architectural treasure is the Shelter House. This structure was built in 1734 and it was believed to have been constructed before the Moravian church at God’s acre cemetery. It is an important reminder of the past because this building was used as a place of refuge by travelers using the Native American trail. The Shelter House was built on this site due to strategic reasons. It is a place located near springs of water. Spend a few minutes inside the place fondly referred to by the Moravians as the “zulfluchtshaus”, and you will have an idea how dangerous and exciting land travel was during colonial times.

Knauss Homestead Farmhouse

If you are in Emmaus, PA, do not forget to visit another historical landmark. Sebastian Knauss is one of the founding fathers and his son, Heinrich Knauss built the Knauss Homestead Farmhouse. The log building covered by clapboard can help you understand the architectural preference of the people during that time period. Sebastian Knauss is also a member of the Moravian Church.