A Brief Review on Easton’s Top Local Restaurants

When you see yourself traveling to Easton, there’s no way not to visit its fine restaurants. One of the things you will certainly love in this city is the way it feeds your appetite. The local restaurants here are one of the best in the entire state of Pennsylvania and the Lehigh Valley region.

There are local restaurants offering and using locally grown and produced ingredients. There are also special gourmet restaurants giving you that very same feeling when you were in New York. In Easton, you will be treated with unique ethnic cuisines, breweries, bars, pubs, and much more.

So before you even think of coming, have a look at these “delicious” choices of local restaurants:

  1. Sette Luna – The first in this list boasts the distinctiveness of alfresco dining combined with wood-fired pizza and the best private wine cellar in this region. Winner of the Wine Spectator “Award of Excellence,” you absolutely will feel the need to go back.
  2. 3rd and Ferry Fish Market – This amazing treat is located in downtown Easton. Though it is a fish market by name, it actually is a full service restaurant and bar, too. There are sixteen taps with craft beer offered as well as a raw bar and large seafood menu. Your dining experience will surely be topnotch. There’s also an open kitchen you see directly in front of the restaurant.
  3. Colonial Pizza and Spaghetti House – Having been in the food business for more than sixty years now, you’ll be delighted to taste the tradition of Colonial Pizza and Spaghetti House. Aside from the one size pizza that has been served for a very long time now, they also have some amazing goodies like Italian favorites Eggplant Rollatini and lasagna, sandwiches, cheese, and hamburgers.
  4. Maxim’s 22 French Bistro and Brasseri – The name speaks for itself. This restaurant offers 22 taps in which every single one featuring craft beers and imports. If beer’s your thing, you find this great place irresistible. There are a number of bottles available as well as specialty beer floats. But don’t forget the food either since it is French bistro!
  5. Mesa Modern Mexican – This one on the other hand is a modern restaurant and bar promoting Mexican cuisine. Located in downtown Easton, it has a wide range of classic Mexican food as well as small plates blended with some modern twist. They have the best frozen and classic margaritas in town combined with seasonal flavors and some good tequila collection. For events, gatherings, and parties, you can book the Private Tequila Room.
  6. Leaf Restaurant Cigar Bar and Lounge – Finally, Leaf is regarded by many as Lehigh Valley’s most popular restaurant when it comes to gourmet cuisine. It offers wide selection of fine imported as well as domestic wines, craft beers, and of course, those premium cigars. But what really makes it unique and different from the rest is that it is a smoker-friendly venue. So it should be the best place to hang out for cigar users.

As you can see, downtown Easton has many fine options for dining!