Local Schools and Education in the Easton Area District

The Easton School District is a collection of rural, urban, and suburban public schools located in the Northampton County in Pennsylvania. It covers the city of Easton as well as Palmer, Forks, and Lower Mouth Bethel Townships. The geographical area of the district covers about 28 square miles and a population of slightly over sixty three thousand. The entire district represents a rather major portion of students in the Lehigh Valley region. According to district officials, this district was able to offer basic educational services to over nine thousand pupils while giving employment to more than seven hundred teachers and four hundred support staff.

Easton High SchoolThe local schools which are under the district’s umbrella are Easton Area Academy, Easton Area High School, Easton Area Middles School, Forks Elementary School, Palmer Elementary School, Paxinosa Elementary School, Shawnee Elementary School, and many more.

District Achievements

Easton MascotOne of Easton’s prides is its academic achievements. For the Easton Area School District, it ranks 284th among the 498 school districts in the State of Pennsylvania. The ranking was referenced or based on five years of accumulated student academic performance on reading, writing, science, and math. The ranking is a definite improvement from the previous years. For instance, the district ranked 306th in 2012 and 338th in 2011. The academic achievement of the students in the district meanwhile was in the 32nd percentile out of five hundred other school districts in Pennsylvania. About four years ago, the Department of Education (Pennsylvania) issued a four-year cohort graduation rate. For Easton, the rate was 86% by 2010.

Video of Easton High School student cheer section, displaying enthusiastic school spirit.

Remediation before Entering College

The Pennsylvania Department of Education further revealed that about twenty five percent of Easton Area high school graduates need remediation in math and reading in order for them to become fully prepared to take the college level courses, at least with respect to what the State System of Higher Education requires. While this seems to be a negative point for the district, it’s actually a much better percentage compared to other school districts. Also, slightly below 70% of the high school graduates who enroll in a four-year course in college anywhere in Pennsylvania is capable of earning a bachelor’s degree in six years. Furthermore, one in three graduates who pursue an associate degree will be able to do it in three years.

Requirements for Graduation

According to the Easton Area School Board, a student in the district will have to earn 28 credits in order to graduate. This will have to include English (four credits), Math (three credits), Social Studies (four credits), Science (three credits), Arts and Humanities (two credits), Physical Education (two credits), and at least 24.5 credits for elective courses.

According to Pennsylvania’s State law, every Pennsylvania secondary school student needs to complete a project as a requisite for their eligibility to graduate in the secondary level. Finally, the PA State School Board says that students will have to show successful completion of the secondary level coursework in Biology, English, Algebra I, and Literature. Meanwhile, the Keystone Exams will be deemed as the final course examinations. The Easton Area School District abides by all the state education laws.